Let’s go phygital: meet the brand architects from brandstorm

brandstorm creates sustainable retail architecture that ensures brand consistency by getting «phygital» through a combination of 3D and digital techniques.

Text by Karin Ayar

brandstorm’s successful retail architecture neither begins nor ends at the hotel reception or shop door. The Geneva-based company has been a breath of fresh air in the market since its start in 2002. Their rebranding of Baselworld proved to be an extremely effective identity placement, one that opened many doors, and ushered in numerous new clients in the premium and luxury markets.

brandstorm and Messerli have worked together from onset, driving the transition from purely physical to digital presentation means. What has not changed is their commitment to top quality design and execution.

From point of sale to point of experience

Where do brands interact with the customers of today and tomorrow? Borders have melted, while points of contact today grow evermore fluid. Target group analysis has led to the discovery of new customer accesses. People will always be on the move. brandstorm is agile enough to keep pace.

In premium and luxury segment retailers must offer an extraordinary experience that goes far beyond a platform for exchanging goods. The experience chain ideally begins with meeting customer needs and extends far beyond the initial purchase.

brandstorm has never been afraid to go its own way, even when it comes to designing their own office furniture, which has since gone into production. At brandstorm they know that despite a project’s initial complexity and diverse challenges, ultimately the solutions tend to be quite similar. From mobile phones, to foods or an office desk, they are not desirable merely in and of themselves, but because they meet the purchaser’s needs.