Captivating rays of light

Projektil, the Zurich-based artists’ collective, has made a name for itself in recent years with impressive light installations such as the Illuminarium at the Zurich Landesmuseum and other smaller scale audio-visual experiences.
Mirjam Steier spoke with Roman Beranek

For Roman Beranek, creative director and partner of Projektil, the potential of light as a medium is far from exhausted. Technologies such as 3D mapping and real-time animation constantly open up new possibilities to immerse the viewer in the action. «Video mapping can be used in many different areas for communication, entertainment or art», says Beranek. Projektil’s portfolio is therefore very versatile – whether the illuminated Tamina Gorge as part of Light Ragaz, corporate events or interactive exhibits at well-known locations with well-known brands. According to Beranek, light in combination with music and technology is a new form of art in its own right and a very subtle means of communication. It has magic in it, allowing people to briefly step out of everyday life and experience a moment of peace, meditation or simply entertainment.

As creative director, Beranek is very interested in new technologies, yet also inspired by conventional forms of art, design, music and theatre. His favourite is the Genesis church show, which is spiritual yet unimposing – a kind of digitization of prayer without putting institutions or faith in the foreground.

The Projektil success story began in 2010 and today an eight-man team creates unique illuminated experiences: «It’s very precise work and specifically adapted to the location, architecture and history,» says Beranek. Like a film production, it involves writing scripts and storyboards, researching ideas, designing, animating and setting up the installations on-site. Productions also involve project management and marketing aspects.