The digital twin for
trade fairs and events

The innovative presentation format

EXPOTWIN is the perfect presentation highlight for your next trade fair or event appearance. EXPOTWIN combines the physical presence of one or more exhibits with the interactive possibilities of a digital twin. This allows you to effectively present as many exhibits as you want in a compact space regardless of size, thus attracting more attention and making a greater impact while at the same time cutting costs and using fewer resources.


Use EXPOTWIN to present your equipment and exhibits attractively and interactively in a digitalised and virtual format. Your product is interactively presented as a 3D model (digital twin) to a wide audience at trade fairs and events. Benefit from the many advantages, including more experience and impact for your target audience, scaling and flexibility for your appearances and presentations, lower logistics and assembly costs, and increased sustainability through reuse and lower CO2 emissions.


EXPOTWIN explained


    Today, exhibitors in the industrial sector face enormous challenges when it comes to planning their trade fair and event appearances: cost pressure for the presentation and staging of equipment and exhibits is constantly increasing, and they are forced to come up with even more innovative and sustainable presentation solutions in order to set themselves apart from their competitors and position themselves on the market. EXPOTWIN is an innovative and sustainable presentation solution for trade fairs and events that uses a digital twin and interactive presentation software to attract attention. At the same time, it allows exhibitors to significantly lower costs and use fewer resources.

  • What is a digital twin?

    A digital twin is the virtual depiction of an object or a system from the real world. At trade fairs and events, a digital twin allows you to present an exhibit and its technical advantages without having to have an actual exhibit physically present. Thanks to our cooperation with Side Effects AG and their digital twin solution, you can automatically create a highly optimised digital 3D twin using CAD data. This is your entry to the digital transformation not only when it comes to presenting your products at trade fairs, but also in terms of sales, marketing, services, training and assembly.


  • What is new about EXPOTWIN?

    EXPOTWIN combines the physical presence of one or more exhibits with the interactive possibilities of a digital twin. The physical presence of the exhibits is depicted through an interactive 3D model on an attractively displayed, large-format LED wall. You can also rent branding and seating elements as well as additional activation modules as needed. The interactive presentation is professionally moderated in front of your audience and serves as an innovative highlight that attracts attention and inspires visitors.

  • Who is behind?

    EXPOTWIN was developed by Messerli, the leading Swiss live experience specialists, in cooperation with the 3D software company Side Effects. Messerli is responsible for the entire activation concept, including design and implementation on location. As an expert in 3D technology, Side Effects manages the development and implementation of the digital twin as well as the highly sophisticated and interactive presentation software. As a result, the customer gets the best of both words – physical and digital presentation – all from a single source.

Advantages of EXPOTWIN

Our innovative presentation solution offers a variety of advantages that make the use of EXPOTWIN extremely worthwhile for exhibitors, allowing them to position themselves as an innovative company while at the same time substantially cutting costs and using fewer resources. Here is a brief overview of the reasons why you should consider using EXPOTWIN at your next appearance.

More experience & impact
+ Innovative presentation format
+ Immersive communications
+ Show your equipment in the application context
+ Allows you to present your entire product range and digital solutions
+ Also available for smartphones as «Twin to Go»

Scaling & flexibility
+ Better reusability
+ Scalable for different booth sizes
+ Unlimited presentation possibilities

Lower costs
+ Lower equipment costs
+ Lower personnel costs
+ Lower transport costs
+ Lower storage costs
+ Lower booth construction costs
+ Smaller booth sizes

+ Versatile use of digital data
+ Lower CO2 emissions
+ Less wear and tear Configuration options

Configuration options

EXPOTWIN components:

The activation concept (1) is the foundation for the successful use of EXPOTWIN. This is where we define the goals and messages you want to achieve with your appearance. EXPOTWIN is comprised of an LED wall installation (2) where you showcase a digital 3D presentation (3) of your exhibits. A professional moderator guides the audience through the presentation using the raised pedestal and touch panel (4). The standardised screen construction (5) can be tailored to your branding and corporate design. This makes it possible to integrate EXPOTWIN into an existing or a new trade fair or event concept at any time.

EXPOTWIN options:

The optional suspended logo banner (6) divides your presentation area into zones, allowing for more branding and making you instantly recognisable from far away. The seating area (7) can be tailored to your needs, and you can also rent suitable furniture from us. We will be happy to offer you attractive benches or bar stools for this area. If you want to entertain or activate visitors in between official presentations, you can hand the reins over to them with an additional activation display (8). This function allows your customers to discover your exhibits independently while also attracting other visitors as well.

Configuration sizes:

You can choose from three standard sizes of our EXPOTWIN LED presentation module in accordance with the size of your exhibits and your presentation requirements. The «Cube» is aimed at exhibitors who want to present their exhibits in a cube-shaped display and prefer a more compact format. This shape is also ideal for presenting robotics solutions and plant engineering concepts. Conversely, the «Medium» and «Large» sizes are aimed at more traditional equipment manufacturers from a variety of industries whose exhibits are better displayed in a rectangular format.


Sustainability & costs

With EXPOTWIN, you’re investing in a clever, innovative and sustainable presentation system. By digitalising your exhibits, you gain access to the 3D data of your digital twin, which you can then use again at future appearances. Plus, you can also use this data for training and sales purposes or to create a virtual showroom. By reducing your booth size, lowering exhibit costs and optimising your use of resources, you not only shrink your carbon footprint but also achieve significant savings.

Calculate cost savings

Let us calculate your potential savings

Want to know whether EXPOTWIN can help you significantly reduce the cost of your next trade fair or event appearance? Answer a few questions and provide us with some figures, and we’ll be happy to calculate your potential savings with EXPOTWIN. Naturally, all of your data will be kept confidential, and you will receive a response with the potential savings estimate immediately after submitting the form. Alternatively, you can also request an in-person consultation and presentation appointment where we can calculate your potential savings together.

Calculate your potential savings here

Portrait von Linda Schopper, Head Digital Experience bei Messerli

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