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Linda Schopper Senior Project Manager/Key Account Manager

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USTER Technologies

The 360° visitor experience

Uster Technologies AG, ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Spinning and weaving mills assure quality with control and analysis equipment from the world leading USTER Technologies. An interactive exhibit at the ITMA Barcelona demonstrated just how powerful they are: the USTER Quality Management Experience. The equipment monitors the entire production process, providing essential data, enabling rapid intervention when necessary, and ensuring quality results.

Designed by Messerli, the ITMA stand was a brave step, offering a 360° experience that placed visitors in the cockpit. The potential held by the instruments was demonstrated by assuming the quality manager roll to experience firsthand just how an optimization process would look. In the cockpit they navigated through the experience with touch screen interaction, with the help from the familiar USTER Assistant Q, who guided them through a simulated process in a spinning mill.

The exhibit was successful and enabled the company to evolve its exhibit stand from product presentation to visitor experience featuring graphic elements and light effects to showcase the individual products. This step forced USTER to go beyond the customary design components with a more functional approach. Messerli convinced USTER of the advantages of these innovations, and this was proven at the ITMA exhibit stand, which was well visited, offering stand reps an effective presentation tool that illustrated the complex subject matter.

The updated exhibition stand positioned USTER as an innovation leader. The Quality Management Experience will be further used as an effective tool and can be repeated at any time with an iPad app for presentations or sales meetings.

I would be delighted to answer your questions about this project!

Linda Schopper Senior Project Manager/Key Account Manager

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