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Luzi AG, Beautyworld, Dubai

Luzi is a leading supplier of fragrance compounds and also leaves a lasting impression with its trade fair booth concepts. A curved wooden structure decorated with red roses provided an elegant installation that embodied Luzi’s world of fragrances.

Emotions, memories, moods: an unmistakeable scent can conjure up associations like little else. And Luzi, a Swiss company that specialises in the development of scents for the perfume industry, has an equally unmistakeable trade fair booth concept. The world of scents is represented by a spiralling wooden construction that imparts a totally unique spatial feeling for visitors. Simultaneously, the “twist” also underscores the transition from typical European scents to popular Arabic scents – and vice versa. For Beautyworld 2018 in Dubai, Messerli added new elements to its already successful trade fair concept for Luzi. The clean white of the booth contrasted with the vibrant red of the roses, which served as a colourful eye-catcher. The booth was not only visually stunning, it also offered treats for the olfactory senses: the flowery tunnel covered in red roses released delicate fragrances as visitors walked through.

The framed, backlit roses and the floating rose petals at the end of the booth also attracted visitors’ attention. A visit to the Luzi booth was guaranteed to be a memorable experience for all the senses.

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Tarek Azmy, Senior Project Manager / Key Account Manager, Leader Business Unit Middle East

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