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A trade fair concept that presents innovations to the world

Ypsomed AG, global trade fair concept

Can a trade fair concept be flexible and scalable while at the same time meeting the presentation requirements of different business units? This was the challenge Ypsomed posed to an illustrious group of design agencies as part of an international tender. Messerli was able to square the circle and develop a creative, flexible solution for the medtech company headquartered in Burgdorf to use at trade fairs around the world.

With its ground-breaking injection systems for self-medication, Ypsomed has become one of the world’s leading companies in this field. International trade fair and conference appearances are therefore extremely important for the Burgdorf-based company. It is at these events that Ypsomed presents its latest product developments and has the opportunity to communicate directly with its target group and build relationships. Space at these events tends to be limited, presenting an additional challenge for the visual presence of the brand.

Scalable design grid for infinite possibilities

For this reason, Messerli’s design team needed to pull out all the stops when it came to Ypsomed’s new trade fair presence. They needed to create a modular trade fair concept that could be flexibly adapted to the needs of three corporate divisions, each with different corporate designs. The Messerli team developed a design grid comprised of various branding and presentation elements that can be adapted for use in different sized spaces and at different heights. Ypsomed can also easily change the content of these elements. This scalability and variability allows for an infinite number of possible presentations.

Sustainability as a key factor

«We were impressed with every aspect of Messerli’s exhibition concept. In particular, the scalable presentation solution, which can be adapted for different booth sizes and business units, offers us a great deal of added value. The display and furniture line developed by Messerli is fully tailored to our presentation needs. We can combine and expand these elements as needed. All of the furniture as well as the trade fair booth structures such as the walls and flooring can be reused time and again. This allows us to make our trade fair exhibitions more sustainable, which is key for us,» says Alain Wanzenried, Trade Show Director at Ypsomed.

Innovative integration of moving images

The concept for Ypsomed is comprised of modularly expandable presentation units with corresponding displays for exhibits, a furniture concept for meeting zones, and interactive visitor activation displays for HR trade fairs. This provides Ypsomed with access to a pool of materials that they can freely combine as needed. Furthermore, fully integrable, high-resolution LED elements allow for the seamless inclusion of moving images. In combination with the flexible wall system, which can be adjusted in terms of both length and height, this concept guarantees consistent, moving brand experiences at the Swiss medtech company’s trade fair and conference appearances. The new concept was launched at the apprenticeship fair in Langnau and will continue to be rolled out at upcoming industry events across Europe.

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Linda Schopper, Senior Project Manager / Key Account Manager

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