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Baloise Session

Where the magic of music comes to life

Baloise Session, Basel

Every year Baloise Session, a one-of-a-kind boutique music festival, brings a multitude of music fans to Basel. Over the course of the festival, around 15,500 guests enjoy up-close-and-personal performances by world-renowned musicians in an intimate atmosphere where the audience is seated at candlelit tables. Messerli has been a reliable co-sponsor of the event for more than 20 years and provides the festival with all the necessary infrastructure. This all-inclusive package comprises, among other things, all of the indoor and outdoor signage, temporary structures, and rental furniture and decorations for the different zones.

Guests are able to feel the magic of show business before they even set foot in the Messe Basel event hall. We roll out the red carpet for visitors, who are welcomed by oversized posters of world-renowned music stars from Baloise Session history. The entrance area and the foyer with various partner image booths and a spacious bar offer plenty of entertainment before the concert begins. Brightly coloured walls, arches, and sponsor booths and tables create a fresh, lively overall impression. The public piano bar on the upper floor is decorated with unusual art installations featuring music icons and offers guests cosy spots to sit and enjoy a drink and a snack. The elegantly decorated CLUB VIP zone treats attendees to a culinary firework. These areas invite music fans to relax and enjoy themselves before entering the concert hall.

In the event hall, which boasts a total area of 3,360 m2, music plays the starring role. The furniture, lighting and decorations all come together to create a captivating atmosphere, with the intimate tables and candlelight calling to mind New York City’s legendary jazz clubs. Thanks to the seating design with a raised podium and a maximum capacity of just 1,500 guests per evening, all festivalgoers enjoy an unobstructed view of the stage – a unique experience at music events with world-renowned stars.

Messerli also designed the backstage area. In the BACKSTAGE VILLAGE tent, which was constructed by our subsidiary Hunziker, invited VIP guests, partners and sponsors get to spend the evening enjoying culinary delights and intimate conversations. The Artist Lounge and Backstage City, where the artists’ dressing rooms are located, are also designed every year with plenty of attention to detail.

Baloise Session is an annual highlight for music lovers; there is hardly a better place to experience artists as up-close and authentically and in such an unforgettable atmosphere as here. Messerli expertly crafts distinct moods in each of the different areas, resulting in – together with the performance – a magical experience for all the guests.

Credits Photos: dominikpluessphotography

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