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Soft renovation: Transformation of our break room

Andreas Messerli AG, Wetzikon

The kitchenette in the Palm House in Wetzikon was an extremely underused location. The only time the room seemed to reach its full potential was on the annual «Sausage Tuesdays» when it would be filled with laughter, conversation and the delicious smell of food. A soft renovation was able to breathe new life into the space with just a few changes. The new break room is now the perfect place to grab a bite, have a chat or simply relax.

The Messerli Design Team was tasked with upgrading the poorly lit room on a limited budget. An intelligent refrigerator from FELFEL that offers employees a selection of fresh, pre-packaged meals every day was to be at the heart of the new break room. The aim was to make the new space airy and modern to match. However, as they were not allowed to do any actual remodelling of the space or make any major changes to the fitted kitchen, the team had to pull out all their tricks.

Clever partitions and much more light

The challenging layout of the space was visually divided into separate areas for relaxing, eating and cooking. A raised platform was installed by the only window in the room, transforming this space into an inviting spot to kick back and relax. The team installed partitions made of wooden panels that separate the entrance area from the rest of the room and create cosy spaces for employees to eat while still maintaining an airy feel.

With just one window, natural light in the room was scarce. One wall is now covered with a back-lit print, allowing it to serve as an indirect source of light and making the room much cosier. Additional LED strips installed on the ceiling and walls also provided more light and act as interesting eye-catchers. Wooden fittings were added to the kitchen cabinets and drawers to tie them in with the overall look.

Camaraderie and culinary delights

Since it was introduced, the FELFEL refrigerator has attracted numerous employees to the break room with its tasty dishes and snacks. The company has even had a few business lunches with external visitors «at the FELFEL». And while employees sit and enjoy the wide variety of tasty lunches every week, the memory of the formerly empty, dark kitchen quickly fades. Many employees can’t imagine their workplace without the new break room.

Portrait von Gregor Buergisser, Senior Project Manager bei Messerli

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Gregor Bürgisser, Senior Project Manager

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