Our vision for 2035

The live communication industry is aware of its responsibility to ensure sustainability. At Messerli, too, we want to make a contribution. We are therefore working actively and with determination to develop standards that will enable us to achieve sustainable corporate governance.

Our vision for 2035 is a clear commitment to sustainable leadership and to a comprehensive understanding of sustainability in order to make our value creation CO2-neutral by 2035.

Andreas Messerli, Chairman of the Board of Directors

«We are proud that Andreas Messerli AG has been the first member of the Messerli Group to be certified on the basis of ISO 20121 Sustainability Management Systems since 3rd March 2023.»

Our concept
for more sustainability

Sustainable and fair: Messerli has been awarded certification on the basis of ISO 20121 Sustainability Management Systems by the EXPO EVENT Swiss LiveCom Association.

Our sustainability concept gives you an overview of our visions and goals, and outlines the measures that we as a company are already implementing or will address in the future in order to ensure greater sustainability.


Protect the environment
and experience sustainability live

One of the main focuses of our sustainability strategy is on making responsible use of resources and constantly reducing our energy requirements and emissions.

Circular economy
Circular economy

We are committed to respecting the circular economy in order to reduce the negative impacts of materials and products throughout their lifecycle. Our goal is to transform our entire value chain into a loop that is as closed as possible.

To achieve this, we choose durable and recyclable materials from responsible sources, process and store them with care, and put them back into circulation via proper disposal or repurposing.

Resources and choice of materials

⇒ By 2025, we will reduce our resource consumption by five percent in relation to 2022.

⇒ By 2025, we will use only materials that have been awarded a sustainability label or certificate.

To achieve this, we are continuously increasing the proportion of rental material in our projects, use only durable materials with sustainability certification and opt for larger quantities of secondary materials. By using modern, efficient production facilities, we can reduce the consumption of resources in manufacturing.


⇒ By 2025, we will review our most important suppliers on the basis of sustainability criteria.

⇒ By 2025, our suppliers will be informed about Messerli’s commitment to sustainability.

The criterion of «environmental awareness» is given a strategically important role in the procurement process. When selecting products and services, we demand appropriate consideration of issues such as recycling, disposal, packaging and transport, and are establishing transparency in this regard.

Download supplier guidelines (DE)


⇒ When it comes to storage, we conserve resources thanks to organisational and structural measures.

By centralising our warehousing processes in our modern logistics centre in Wil ZH, we can reduce storage and site costs and ensure shorter transport routes. We can reduce the error and damage rate by using modern logistics systems. The warehouse building is structurally designed for sustainable use of resources.


⇒ By 2025, we will reduce the total amount of waste by five percent and increase the proportion of recyclable waste by 15 percent in relation to 2022.

We extend the lifecycle of products by consistently pursuing a strategy of reuse (renting instead of buying). At the end of the service life of an item, we separate the various waste products and recycle or dispose of them properly so that raw materials remain in circulation for as long as possible.


The provision of useful energy causes emissions that are harmful to the climate. Messerli is promoting the expansion of renewable energy produced internally and is striving to reduce its own energy consumption. To this end, we are also investing in facilities and building management that prioritise the areas of energy and the climate.

⇒ By 2025, we will reduce our consumption of electricity and fuel, as well as heating and cooling energy, by 15 percent.

⇒ By 2025, we will expand the proportion of renewable electricity sources at various locations:

→ By 2025, the Wetzikon production plant will cover 60 percent of its electricity needs with its own PV system

We are expanding the proportion of renewable electricity sources by equipping several sites with photovoltaic systems. We are replacing fossil fuels by installing heat pumps. We are consistently replacing all light sources – both in our own buildings and those used in projects – with LED technology. Modern production facilities allow us to work more energy efficiently.



Greenhouse gases make a significant ­contribution to global warming, and air pollutants harm and endanger people and nature. Messerli accepts responsibility for climate protection, sees it as a management task and formulates corresponding business goals. All employees are called upon to help reduce air pollutants to an extent far beyond the actions required by law.

⇒ By 2035, we will make value creation at Messerli CO2-neutral (net zero).

⇒ By 2025, we will reduce our CO2 emissions by a predefined percentage in relation to 2022.

⇒ By 2024, we will offer our customers climate-neutral stands.

⇒ Sustainable mobility goals:

→ By the end of 2023, we will convert our entire fleet of cars to Euro 6d-ISC-FCM.

→ From 2025 onwards, we will selectively replace our car fleet with electric vehicles.

→ From 2024 onwards, the transport of our EVENTWIDE rental furniture programme will be fully offset.

To this end, we will draw up an externally audited carbon footprint assessment from 2027 onwards, and will work continuously on efficiency and reduction measures. In areas where further reductions are difficult to implement, we will offset the emissions. Thanks to this offsetting, we will ensure that the transport of our EVENTWIDE material will be climate-neutral from 2024 onwards. In addition, we will offer our customers climate-neutral exhibition stands by as early as 2024.

With regard to our vehicle fleet, we aim to convert our entire passenger car fleet to Euro 6d-ISC-FCM by 2023. From 2025 onwards, we will selectively replace our car fleet with electric vehicles.

Sustainable innovations
Sustainable innovations

Applied digitalisation is a great opportunity for the live communication industry. Hybrid communication formats have a wider reach and a more lasting impact, which means that they use resources more efficiently. That is why Messerli is opting for the digitalisation of a wide range of processes and the development of digital skills among its employees.

⇒ From 2023 onwards, we will aim to win an award in the «Innovation» category every year.

With the newly created position of «Head Digital Experience», we are driving forward the establishment and development of digital expertise within the company. We promote Messerli’s innovative strength with specialised teams in sales and design. We also provide the necessary resources for conducting workshops, seminars and training courses.

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Serving the interests of society
to ensure long-lasting enthusiasm

As one of the leading companies in our industry and as a regionally important employer, we are conscious of our function as a role model and assume our social responsibility. This responsibility is part of our comprehensive understanding of sustainability, and we believe that it is an important starting point for developing sustainable corporate management.

Occupational safety
Occupational safety

The safety of our employees is of great concern to us. We are actively increasing the safety of their everyday work, thereby reducing the number of accidents and sick days.

⇒ By 2025, we will reduce accidents by 20 percent.

⇒ By 2025, we aim to reduce sick days by 200 days.

To help us to achieve these goals, we are developing a comprehensive safety mission statement and appointing a safety officer. The safety officer will ensure the integration of all defined safety measures into the operational safety system. We continuously review the hazard situation within the company and adapt the measures to any newly identified risks.

We ensure that all work equipment is safe, regularly inspected and repaired as ­required. At the same time, we systematically train all employees (including temporary ones) in the area of safety. This enables us to achieve a continuous improvement in work ethics and in the corporate safety culture.

Training and continuing education
Training and continuing education

We attach great importance to the personal development of our employees and to the enhancement of their expertise. In addition to voluntary training, we provide our employees with targeted training on relevant issues.

⇒ By 2025, we will increase the number of professional training and further education courses by 1,000 percent.

The subject of training and continuing education is an integral part of our employees’ performance appraisals and personal career development. We develop targeted skill enhancement programmes in areas such as digitalisation, sustainability, data protection, fire prevention and occupational safety, and gender equality.

Employee well-being
Employee well-being

A good work-life balance is the basis for the health and well-being of our employees. As well as creating a positive and productive working atmosphere, we offer a working model that includes flexitime and part-time options as a flexible response to the needs of our employees.

⇒ We promote emotional well-being in the workplace, creating a positive and productive working atmosphere..

We offer a working environment in which our employees feel comfortable and valued. In order to continuously increase employee satisfaction, we seek dialogue with them by means of targeted surveys and offer them the opportunity to participate. In addition, we promote well-being and team spirit with attractive catering services, modern workplaces and internal events.

Equality and diversity
Equality and diversity

Messerli is committed to creating workplaces that are free of prejudice and exclusion on the basis of gender, religion, sexual identity, nationality, ethnic origin or ideology. We give priority to areas of action such as equal opportunities for women and men and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Compliance with all human rights is indispensable for Messerli with regard to our business activities. We expect the same from our partners to ensure long-lasting collaboration. That is why we issued a human rights guideline in 2019.

⇒ We promote gender equality at all management levels.

⇒ We guarantee equal pay for our employees.

⇒ We ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities.

We conduct appropriate training to raise awareness about gender equality and diversity issues. At the same time, we review and ensure barrier-free access to all our facilities.

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With governance
towards more transparency and fairness

Good operational management is the basis for a trusting partnership that is successful for all the parties involved in the long term. Our focus is on transparent communication and on our commitment towards fighting corruption and ensuring fair competition in accordance with the law.


Messerli maintains transparent and open communication with its most important stakeholders. Our employees are our most important dialogue group. We provide them with all relevant and up-to-date information, strive to keep communication channels open and take their input into account in our planning process. We regularly inform external dialogue groups about current developments and topics. Communication on Messerli’s sustainable commitment is a high priority.

⇒ We aim to maintain regular communication with our key stakeholders to ­increase transparency even further.

⇒ From 2025 at the latest, we will produce a quantitative sustainability report to monitor and compare environmental and climate impact at Messerli.

⇒ Messerli will publish a qualitative sustainability report in accordance with the international standard (GRI) for the first time in 2026.

⇒ By 2025, we will develop our own sustainability label to illustrate the ecological impact of our products and services more transparently.

Messerli’s own established means of communication keeps us in touch with our internal and external dialogue groups. Our main publication channels are the company website with its own blog, the newsletter, our customer magazine Brandworld and Messerli’s social media channels. The intranet is the central source of information for employees. To communicate information on the topic of sustainability, we are developing new means of communication that will become an integral part of our communication strategy and topic planning.


Corruption causes high financial damage in companies every year. That is why we demand and promote transparent and lawful conduct of all company business with zero tolerance for corruption. Our anti-corruption and anti-bribery principles are defined in the Code of Conduct that applies throughout the Group.

⇒ We uncompromisingly uphold the principle of zero corruption within the Messerli Group.

⇒ By the end of 2023, all employees will have been informed about our ­anti-corruption policy.

⇒ From 2023 onwards, we will regularly raise awareness among our employees by organising further training on the topic.

This basic framework will enable us to create certainty in relation to the issue, to build up trust and to establish long-term business relationships. The Code of Conduct for the prevention of corruption is binding for all employees. We are creating a central point of contact to answer questions about compliance and developing a reporting system for suspected cases of corruption. Thanks to these measures, we will continue to ensure that corruption has no place in our company.

Download Code of Conduct

Fair competition
Fair competition

A fair competition policy limits and prevents the economically or socially harmful effects of unfair or anti-competitive behaviour by organisations. Fair competition is a given in our industry. We constantly monitor the market before making strategic or tactical decisions.

⇒ Competitive Intelligence (CI) is and remains part of our corporate strategy.

In order to continuously review Messerli’s market position, we systematically collect and evaluate information on the competition, rival products or services and the latest trends.


Compliance means the legally compliant behaviour of each individual in business transactions. Compliance includes adherence to all laws, regulations, guidelines and other contractual obligations. Messerli respects applicable law and demands the same from its employees and business partners.

⇒ We will continue to keep violations of laws and regulations down to zero.

⇒ By the end of 2023, all employees will be familiar with our Code of Conduct.

As a company, we put compliance into practice and provide our employees with the tools they need to meet our compliance requirements. The Code of Conduct, which is binding for the entire workforce, forms the basis for these actions.

We are creating a central point of contact to answer questions about compliance and are setting up an anonymous reporting office to handle breaches of compliance. The company will ensure that no employees are disadvantaged in any way as a result of reporting a suspected breach. In addition, supervisors carry out regular checks on their own initiative and seek dialogue with employees. Breaches will be appropriately punished.

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Portrait von Nicholas Messerli, Assistent Verwaltungsrat bei der Andreas Messerli AG

I would be happy to tell you more about our long-term sustainability strategy!

Nicholas Messerli, Sustainability Officer, Assistant to the Board of Directors

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