The design chameleon

Carlo Angelini is a multifaceted talent who designs TV studios, sets and corporate events and who passionately meets the diverse demands that come with the job.

The replay function on our TVs, live streaming and events followed on social media have changed our viewing behavior, and have also raised our demands on what we see. What compels us keeping watching and not click away? The set designer uses light, color, furnishings and other factors to create an appearance to draw in those viewing on site and on screen. A space is staged to suit an idea, brand, company or product, using both real and virtual means.

Carlo Angelini, «angelini design» founder and member of the Messerli Group, has the indispensible talent, which is reflected in the international respect he garners along with his team. Following a career in theatre set design, his diverse portfolio today includes TV set design, corporate events, museums and construction projects. His unmistakable signature is on all he does, the perfect interplay of color, lights, texture and shape. He embraces the possibilities offered by new technologies, from micro-mapping for small exhibition objects to projections enlivening entire show stages to create a multisensory experience.