Flexible exhibition stands to rent

Would you like your stand at the next trade fair to be an attractive magnet for visitors? But would a completely customised exhibition stand be going too far – and exceeding the budget? In that case, there is a smart alternative: rental stands on a system basis from Messerli.

New at Messerli: ALUVISION

As a pioneer of rental stands on a system basis, we are able to draw on our many years of experience with different stand construction systems. Depending on what is required, our large selection enables us to select the right one for our clients and create clever trade fair concepts.

As a new addition to the range, we carry the flexible plug-and-play framework system from Aluvision. It can be used to implement versatile stand ideas on very interesting terms. Thanks to innovative elements such as the LED tiles (available from Messerli as a rental option), digital elements can also be integrated into the stand. The days of system stands coming with visual limitations are thankfully a thing of the past. Modern systems can be combined seamlessly to provide a professional look.

Versatile advantages

One other advantage of the modern architectural system is its versatile scalability. The concepts can be scaled to fit stands of any size and thus create the desired level of recognition. And as the different frameworks can be used time and time again, they are not only kind to your wallet – but also the environment.

Modular and versatile LED tiles now available to rent at Messerli.

Portrait von Juri Camagni, CMO und Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung von Messerli

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