Brand Spaces
Spaces always communicate.

They move us and touch us, no-one can escape their effect. But: are your brand spaces saying the right things? We use the space in all its facets so that your messages really hit home. This is how we create brand experiences that are consistent at all touchpoints.

Corporate Architecture
Identity for your spaces

Let your business spaces and workspaces speak for themselves and ensure that they convey your brand identity in an authentic way.

Our scene specialists and interior designers create inspirational brand worlds for your work and client zones. They enable you to impress your interest groups with a consistent brand experience – and at all touchpoints.

Corporate Architecture
Reception and Client Zones
Reception and Client Zones

First impressions count

What impression do you want people to have of you? Shapes, colours and materials: our interior designers and scene specialists tailor every detail to the desired effect of the space. In this way, your visitors have a positive image of your company in the entrance and client zones at all times – even while they are waiting.

Corporate Architecture


We conceive and set up spaces that present your products perfectly – and support you with your sales pitch. By integrating digital, interactive elements, we create a fascinating platform for face-to-face interactions.

Corporate Architecture
Visitor Center
Visitor Center

Want to know more?

Providing information doesn’t have to be boring! Interactive, experience-led Visitor Centres motivate and inspire visitors to confront subjects and delve into their history. Whether it’s temporary or over the long term: we create enthralling places that awaken the desire to know and experience more.

Corporate Architecture
Glass Manufacture
Glass Manufacture

Turn your production process into a live experience!

We will set up your shop floor in such a way that you can guide visitors through the operation safely, without disrupting production processes.

Electrifying world
CKW is addressing a niche topic with its smart energy showroom as one of 150 exhibitors at the Bauarena Volketswil, positioning itself as the leading supplier of energy solutions. More

Does your brand need more room?
Our interior specialist will stage the desired effect for you.

Working Spaces
Room for ideas

Good ideas need room to develop. We create places where you and your employees feel good. Places that inspire, foster collaboration and release innovative power. This is how we help you to get things moving, achieve a great deal and make a big difference.

Working Spaces

Workspaces that spur people on

Where are you inspired? When are you motivated? Probably when you feel good and are able to count on a good infrastructure. We establish workspaces where big ideas are created and are able to grow. Space in which people can work closely with others and be more productive.

Working Spaces
Co-working Spaces
Co-working Spaces

Making progress together

Anyone wanting to work flexibly needs flexible workspaces. Whether it’s a question of several organisations wanting to share an office or completely public workspaces, we guarantee productive proximity to others with our concepts.

Working Spaces
Breakout Zones
Breakout Zones

Gathering new energy

Clear your head for a while, think of something else and the next good idea comes. We set up relaxation zones for your employees – to relax, to encourage play or simply to have a quick discussion.

Do your workspaces need an update?
Our specialists know when employees feel good.

Branded Pop-Up
Temporary concepts, lasting impressions

With temporary sales and exhibition spaces, you create awareness of your brand – focussed and intensive. In addition, pop-ups are ideal for interim use in existing sales areas.

Low cost, high impact

Temporarily redeploying existing sales areas requires clever concepts. This is because a short presentation has maximum effect if the infrastructure and furnishings are perfectly tailored to needs.

Pop up unexpectedly!

Surprise people with a strong brand presence in the unlikeliest of places. Our mobile structures are perfect as a location for shops and events.


Portrait von Juri Camagni, CMO und Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung von Messerli

Messerli is there for you – professional and reliable

We are happy to advise you on all issues relating to your brand spaces.
Juri Camagni, Chief Marketing Officer, Member of the Management Board

Where your clients are

Mobile event constructions by Messerli
Take your brand to where your interest group is. The mobile event structures from Messerli accompany you everywhere – in a flexible way.

Connecting touchpoints

Connected Experiences by Messerli
With our solutions for connected experience and digital signage, we keep your clients engaged at various touchpoints for longer.

Messerli shoots

football table

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Mobile Event Constructions

Hit the road!

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