Digital Experience
We tell stories that touch and fascinate people.

Stories that people never get enough of and love passing on to others. As specialists in digital storytelling, we use the most innovative modern technologies and trends to tell your story at all the important touchpoints – in a way that is relevant and authentic. We are shaping and influencing the customer journey of your clients and taking care of the necessary interaction and desired conversion. Our digital solutions connect the real, medial and digital world of the brand to an integrated experience that appeals to all the senses.

Let’s play!

Whether it’s at trade fairs, events or the POS – activate your target group and convey your messages in a playful way! Digital solutions from Messerli create fun, success and new contacts. From infotainment and edutainment to gamification: we develop fascinating activation measures for you that hit home and become real talking points.

Activate your target group!
We develop the right ideas to do it.

Connected Experience
Let’s connect!

Those who connect digital touchpoints in a clever way create fascinating experiences for clients and motivate their target group to interact. We will be delighted to advise you on your digital POS networking strategy and will ensure that your company offers an integrated overall experience across all channels with creative solutions and technologies. And because you also get to know your clients better thanks to data evaluation in real time, you are able to tailor your offers to their needs even more precisely.

Connected Experience
Virtual Promoter by AMERIA
Virtual Promoter by AMERIA

Are you tempted to join in?

Whether it’s in the window or right next to the products in the shop: the Virtual Promoter by AMERIA is extremely versatile and appeals to your visitors even outside opening hours. At trade fairs and events, it encourages people to interact in a playful way and conveys your messages very effectively. In addition, the Virtual Promoter is also perfect for various digital signage solutions.


Connected Experience
Interactive Touchpoints
Interactive Touchpoints

Small space, big impact

Those who use touchpoints in a targeted way increase the impact and frequency at the POS and ensure better sales. Over a small area, present the huge variety of your range – including different configuration options.

Connected Experience
Beacon Technology
Beacon Technology

Information at every turn

With forward-looking beacon technology, you can get in touch with your target group locally and actively design the client experience at the touchpoint. You transmit relevant messages, information or offers directly to your visitors’ devices – that increases awareness and creates conversions.


Connected Experience
Event Extension
Event Extension

Turn your occasion into a year-round event!

We show you how you can extend the impact of your event or participation at a trade fair in a targeted way by using pre-event and post-event communication measures. Together, we work out a suitable event extension campaign with communication measures that get you the maximum from your investment.

Digital Experience to touch: Messerli at the SuisseEMEX’18 trade fair
Messerli presented itself at the SuisseEMEX'18 with its new brand identity for the first time at a trade fair – proving that Digital Experience and Live Experience go hand in hand. More
Interview with our digital team
Christian Streng and Luca Tomasi are the first points of contact at Messerli when it comes to digital components for Live Experiences. In the interview, they explain what works especially well with regard to client contact. More

Get Connected!
Interact with your target group more!
Our digital experts know how to do it.

Virtual & Augmented Reality
Real meets virtual

Immerse yourself in the limitless possibilities of virtual and  augmented realities! Explain complex products and processes in a simple way or let clients discover your virtual world. Our specialists are VR and AR pioneers and will be delighted to show you how you can utilise these fascinating technologies in a profitable way for yourself.

Projection Mapping
Bringing objects to life

With Projection Mapping, you make objects in the room move – thus ensuring you receive the full attention of your target group. Surprise them with a light show of projected content and enable your visitors to become participants. Using gesture-controlled sensors or touch-sensitive surfaces, visitors can get interactively involved with what’s going on (Interaction Mapping). This creates impressive brand experiences that stay long in their memory and are a real talking point.

Broaden your presence!
Our digital experts know which technology is suitable.

Digital Signage
Connected Communication

Our digital signage solutions give you more efficient and simpler digital communication. Messerli networks your client zones so that you can be found quickly with clever instructions. Messerli also designs digital content, allowing you to raise more awareness. Thanks to simple software solutions, your messages are always updated quickly and are current.

We advise you from the idea right through to the operation of multimedia and networked systems. Discover our plug-and-play solutions that are good to go.

Discover our plug-and-play solutions that are good to go.
Daniel Wyss, Sales Manager, Member of the Management Board

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