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Digital Experience
Stories that move and fascinate.

As digital storytelling specialists, we use the most innovative technologies and trends to tell your story – with relevance and authenticity at all touchpoints. Our digital solutions combine the real, media and digital brand worlds to create an immersive experience that appeals to all the senses.

Digital activation
that impresses and involves

Whether at trade fairs, events or the POS, we help you communicate your messages and content to your target group in an interactive and lasting way. We develop fascinating and memorable activation measures that get people talking, and we work together to create emotional experiences along the customer journey.

Playful activation
Playful activation with mini games

How can you informally connect with your target group? Our plug-and-play offers provide you with a range of activation measures in mini game format. These activities let you break down barriers, awaken your guests’ ambition and reward this ambition either immediately or after your event.

We will be happy to show you our selection of mini games, advise you on best practices and also implement them for you. In our Digital Lab in Wetzikon, you can experience our mini games for yourself and discover how you can utilise them in a profitable way for your brand.


Edutainment at its best
Place & Learn
Edutainment at its best

Would you like to send messages to your target group in a playful and tactile way? Excellent! Because experience shows that messages are more positively received when visitors can actively and independently engage with the topic.

Our Place & Learn rental solutions meet precisely this need and activate your customers on both the digital and analogue level. Place & Learn is a presentation solution in which everyday objects enable participants to discover digital content. With this attractive tool from our plug-and-play offer, you can give your sales personnel a means of communication that turns visitors into protagonists and explorers. We show you how Place & Learn works and how you can use it for your brand in the video.

Stand out and communicate
Stand out and communicate your message with LED walls

Broadcast your moving messages far and wide in a brilliant way. With architecturally eye-catching and integrated LED panels, you can attract attention and encourage interaction with your target group at trade fairs and events.
Stand out with an interactive LED arch feature – like our customer Uster Technologies at ITMA 2023 in Milan. The customised LED solution with a 20 m2 interactive surface featured eye-catching typographical elements and pictograms. At Messerli, we not only offer you tailored solutions, but our digital product range also includes attractive rental LED solutions for your next trade fair.

Turn your booth into an event
Turn your booth into an event

How can visitors immerse themselves in your world? Create experiences in which you actively involve trade fair attendees and let them take on different roles. Offer them activities that help them understand your product in a playful way. We will work together with you to develop a booth concept with customised gamification solutions. These kinds of activation measures turn a visit to your trade fair booth into an unforgettable experience!

At the Gallus booth at Labelexpo in Brussels, an original Formula 1 simulator let visitors go head to head on the racetrack. Because speed and efficiency are key messages in the label printing industry, the speed of the race car was directly tied to the speed of Gallus’ printing machines. However, visitors had to earn their turn behind the wheel: only those who had previously explored specific stations at the booth via an app qualified for the race.

Create immersive, quantifiable trade fair appearances with interactive technologies. By collecting relevant data, you can get to know your visitors and customers better and tailor your offers to their needs even more precisely.Digital solutions from Messerli offer fun, success and new contacts. Our Digital Experience Team can show you a wide variety of ways to activate your target group, ensuring more contacts and valuable leads. 

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Our innovative presentation format

EXPOTWIN combines the physical presence of an exhibit with the interactive digital possibilities of presenting your exhibit as a digital twin. EXPOTWIN is our new presentation concept that we offer as part of an innovative and interactive trade fair appearance. Present your equipment in motion and with the power of light on an attractively displayed LED wall – a concept guaranteed to impress visitors.


Use EXPOTWIN to digitalise your equipment and exhibits and present them attractively and interactively in a virtual format. Benefit from the many advantages, including more experience and impact for customers, scaling and flexibility for your appearances and presentations, lower logistics and assembly costs, sustainability through reuse and lower CO2 emissions.

Learn more about EXPOTWIN
We will be happy to present EXPOTWIN to you either in person or via Teams.

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Hybrid & virtual events
Get your message across

As specialists in live experiences, we make every effort to communicate your message in an experiential and interactive way, regardless of where your target audience is currently located. With our activation measures, you can simultaneously reach all your customers around the world live.

We have experience with studio construction and are also able to consistently transfer your brand into the virtual world in this way. With tailor-made concepts, we ensure that participants remain engaged throughout the entire event. This means everyone can participate in your trade fair appearance, such as with live streaming from the exhibition centre.


Live experiences are also possible online!
Learn more about our offers for digital and hybrid events.

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Event Extension
Extend the customer journey

Push beyond the temporal and spatial limits of your event and take advantage of the opportunities offered by interactive touchpoints at events, trade fairs and the POS. Use targeted measures to generate excitement in the lead up to your event, create memorable experiences while everything is going on, and review it all in a unique way at a later date. Your event will thus be remembered for longer and extend throughout the year!

We can show you how to extend the impact of your event or your trade fair appearance in a targeted way by using pre- and post-event communication measures. We will create a suitable event extension campaign step by step with you – with communication measures that let you get the most out of your investment.

Generate excitement
before your event
Generate excitement before your event

Take advantage of this opportunity and reach out to your target group before your event. The lead-up to your event is the perfect time to invite guests and attract the attention of current and potential brand enthusiasts. Reach out to your customers well before your event to pique their curiosity.

How will you advertise your event? We will be happy to help you with campaign planning in the form of a holistic concept. Are you thinking about holding a competition in which winners will receive tickets to your event? This is a great opportunity to use our mini games! Is a surprise waiting at the exhibition centre? Communicate this across all your relevant channels. Motivate visitors with a behind-the-scenes look at your event, send out invitations, publish countdowns or give away tickets.

One-on-one contact
during the event
One-on-one contact during the event

Our activation solutions make it easy for you to connect with your visitors. Conduct surveys to gather opinions and continue the discussion. Create different touchpoints and communication stations and support your sales personnel with tools that make it easier for them to explain your product or services.

How will you design one-on-one contact with your guests? We will be happy to help you design and realise communication tools and icebreakers. Learn more about our Place & Learn console – the perfect communication tool for booth personnel. We will also be happy to work with you to develop customised tools tailored to your needs.

Get visitors involved
during the event
Get visitors involved during the event

Animate your guests to create their own special moments and, for example, share them on social media. Co-creative interventions turn visitors into content creators. You could create opportunities to showcase the visitors themselves as well as your brand using photo boxes or selfie frames.

How would you like to involve your guests? We are happy to help you conceptualise and implement co-creative solutions for visitor activation.

Stay in touch
after the event
Stay in touch after the event

Create your own photos and video recordings at your events and trade fair appearances so you can look back on your memories together and also send them to your contacts. Reflect on highlights and share your memories in the form of attractive videos on social media or on your website.

How would you like to keep in touch with visitors after your event? We can advise you and plan a project with a lasting impact. We are also happy to create content for you, such as photos or videos, all from a single source. Here is an example of a video we produced documenting the booths we built at Swissbau 2020:

Would you like to make sure your event remains a positive, memorable experience for a long time? Are you currently trying to figure out the best way to do so?
Our experts are here for you every step of the way. Not only do we offer professional support with content creation, we are also there to help with everything from concept design to follow-up work after your event. With the right media and appealing content, we will ensure you have an unforgettable presence that excites and inspires your target audience.


Virtual & Augmented Reality
Real meets virtual

Immerse yourself in the unlimited possibilities of virtual and augmented reality – where the real and digital worlds merge! Augmented and virtual reality give you the chance to expand your limited physical space, making it easier for you to present complex products or processes. Let your customers discover your brand digitally, while taking advantage of the opportunity to digitally integrate information and interactions at the same time. Create immersive experiences that your visitors can access, share and take with them using special goggles or their own devices.

Create a digital layer in the real world
Augmented Reality
Create a digital layer in the real world

Take part with augmented reality

Augmented reality is a way for you to digitally visualise and present your products. Whether it’s a large piece of equipment or a small screw, your product is digitalised as a 3D object. With AR technology, the product can then be virtually staged in the surrounding environment and also enlarged or scaled down to whatever size you’d like. Supplement your product presentation with interesting highlights, thereby providing information at exactly the right time and place. During the event, you can use a second screen to visualise the experience, and visitors can take it home with them on their smartphones after the event.

What could your AR experience look like? We’re happy to advise you on conceptualisation of an AR application and help you integrate it into your appearance in a profitable way.

Augmented Reality
Test it yourself
Our trade fair booth in your living room

Test augmented reality yourself

When planning a trade fair booth, we often create a 3D model in order to get a better understanding of the dimensions and floor plan. Once we have this 3D data, it’s easy to convert it to an AR model. In our example, you can take the trade fair booths we have created and explore them in your office or living room! All you need is your smartphone. Scan the QR code and place our trade fair booth on your desk or make it large enough for you to walk through.

Experience our AR models on your mobile device: simply scan the code from your desktop computer or click the QR code directly on your mobile device.

Experience products with
Virtual Reality
Create immersive brand worlds in digital space

How can visitors immerse themselves in your world?

Virtual reality gives you the opportunity to create large, three-dimensional experiences in small spaces. Create immersive experiences by inviting visitors to step into your virtual world. Show them things you didn’t bring to the event or entertain them with VR gamification. Share the experience on a second screen so others can cheer them on.

In cooperation with ZAAK the Jossi Vision Shield – a real USTER machine – was replaced by a virtual reality solution. This VR application is made up of a short 360° intro film and a cleaning game. Visitors could thus explore the machine’s three main technologies interactively. Thanks to VR, the Jossi Vision Shield remained virtually displayed: the VR booth magically attracted visitors and inspired them to learn more about the machine:

Virtual room
Test it yourself
Take a tour of our trade fair booth without leaving of your seat

What could your VR experience look like?

We’re happy to advise you on conceptualisation of a VR application and help you integrate it into your booth in a profitable way. Would you like to digitalise your showroom and make it accessible to anyone at any time? Or perhaps you’d like to show a potential use for your products but you don’t have enough space? Then virtual reality is the solution for you.

You can see an example of one of our booth designs here. Not every virtual reality application requires an expensive device. With VR goggles, visitors can discover a new world in 3D with their smartphones. You can also use this content on several different platforms. For example, you can experience our booth visualisation two-dimensionally in your browser and also three-dimensionally with VR goggles.

Interactive walls
Bring objects to life

Projection mapping makes it possible to project your content on the format of your choice, and even combine it with real-world elements. You can also make it interactive: visitors can get involved with what’s going on using gesture-controlled sensors or touch-sensitive surfaces (interaction mapping). Combine digital content with haptic experiences to create memorable brand experiences.

One example is the interactive wall we implemented for CKW. When visitors touched the graphic elements on the wooden wall, related video content was projected and visitors could learn more about how electricity is generated and consumed.

Experience our solutions live

At our Digital Lab in Wetzikon, you can discover the latest solutions and technologies for your customer activation over a total area of 350 m2. Set up an appointment to visit now.

Linda Schopper, Head Digital Experience bei Messerli

We advise you from the idea to the implementation of digital experiences.

Together we fascinate and move people and brands.
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