Moving people and brands.
With Live Experience.

Moving people and brands.
With Live Experience.

Moving people and brands.
With Live Experience.

Moving people and brands.
With Live Experience.

Moving people and brands.
With Live Experience.

Moving people and brands.
With Live Experience.

Moving people and brands.
We create memorable experiences by staging and connecting real and virtual brand spaces.

Andreas Messerli, Owner

«Experiencing with all your senses»

«The Live Experience has moved my family for over 60 years. Today, we utilise all possibilities to make experiences more individual and more connected. It’s how we create interactions between people and brands.»

Live Experience
Experiences at all touchpoints

Many people are able to build a trade fair stand. They can also get an event up and running … But creating experiences and touching people – at all the touchpoints, time and time again and tailored precisely to the brand – very few people can do that.

At which touchpoints
do you want to inspire?

Wherever you present your brand: Messerli links relevant ideas to the skills to implement them, looking after the common thread in branding and guaranteeing consistent high quality of implementation.

Exhibition stands that captivate and inspire

We will stage your exhibition stand – real, digital and connected. This creates unique locations for live interaction and fascinating stages for memorable experiences.



Moments that move people

We weave the strands of your story into one, totally comprehensive experience. This enables you to captivate your event visitors and reach your goals.



Spaces always communicate.

Are your brand spaces saying the right things? We use the space in all its facets so that your messages really hit home. This is how we create consistent brand experiences at all touchpoints.

Brand Spaces

Stories that touch and fascinate people.

As specialists in digital storytelling, we use the most innovative modern technologies and trends to tell your story at all the important touchpoints – in a way that is relevant and authentic.

Digital Experience


As many as you want!

Our broad service offering includes attractive solutions for large companies. We take care of administrative, operative and logistical duties for you. All our services can be called on individually «on demand». That means you always get exactly what you need.

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Messerli Backstage

Guided tour in Wetzikon

On a guided tour through our workshop, you will experience live how we move people and brands every day.

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