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Mobile mini games

Discover our new game campaigns for events! Not only do mobile mini games strengthen customer loyalty and increase brand awareness, they also extend the event experience. Our entertaining mini games encourage playful interaction, improve brand management and maximise ROI. Lend your event an unforgettable touch with our game campaigns!

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The right game for your target group

In just a few steps, mobile mini games can be tailored to your target audience and designed to communicate your brand message in a playful way. Try some other games, like wheel of fortune, memory and scratch cards.

Touchpoints with potential

Advertise your brand by publishing a simple game on your channels: post before, during or after your event to create touchpoints with potential! We now offer you the opportunity to create a brief, entertaining brand experience with a mini game campaign. With an engaging online game, you can gather new leads or maintain your customer relationships by giving away prizes and discounts.

  • Quick and easy
  • On all devices and channels
  • Personalised

Here’s how it works

Define clear goals for your marketing measures and identify your ideal target customer group. Post your game on all relevant platforms while taking different end devices into consideration – should it be a smartphone game where participants can win tickets to your event, or an iPad stele positioned directly in front of your trade fair booth?

Adapt the activation topic to your content. Are you introducing a new product or presenting your existing product range? Create the prospect of a reward that is relevant to your target audience, which in turn extends the touchpoint you have created. We will be happy to help you create a tailored campaign for your event.

Our digital rental devices are Wi-Fi-compatible and can be used as an output device for your game.

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