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CSS Versicherung

From pens to pup-up agency

CSS Versicherung, Corporate Services

CSS Insurance has joined the ranks of customers who entrust their live communications logistics to Messerli. Modular exhibition stands and more await their next deployment in Winterthur, where Messerli stores everything CSS needs for a successful appearance. Items can be viewed and ordered on an online platform for on-time delivery to the event location, even set up and taken down at the 16 trade fairs in which CSS participates annually. Messerli’s exhibition stands are designed to flexibility adapt for different trade fairs. Messerli advises the customer while choosing materials, availability and logistics.

Since 2018, CSS has also been testing various pop-up concepts, one of which is now in operation in Basel. A simple wall system was developed for a temporary branch of Bank Cler, which made the space inviting and can be reused at other interim locations.

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