Bytes and chips

Text by Karin Ayar

The third Industrial Revolution has started! That’s what the inventive developers at ZAAK think. They are creating astonishing media architecture of an entirely new dimension, driven by their exuberant innovative spirit and digital manufacturing.

At first glance it’s not clear what’s going on in the brightly lit room full of computers and cables at ZAAK. It can best be described as media architecture. Once a product has been invented, the personnel at ZAAK move on to develop new technologies and applications. They are currently focusing on communication, augmented reality and gaming, as well as new production methods such as laser cutters and 3-D printers.

They compare their working methods to those of marine biologist Jacques Cousteau, who often worked on the basis of gut feeling and was not afraid of the unconventional or radical. They, too, embark on «expeditions» in order to make new discoveries.

Founders Kay Rüegsegger and Martin Richi have earned a reputation for coming up with astounding and unique creations at the drop of a hat. These include an interactive web mapping tool, «Paint It Easy» for Volkswagen, BMW Soundtree, an original dialogue marketing concept, and Messerli’s augmented reality tool, via which Brandworld can create a direct link into the digital world. They have also developed numerous high-tech tools such as Internet of Things (IoT), which permits access via smartphone and Internet to electrical devices.

At Motorenstrasse in Wetzikon, they have access to all the production facilities of Andreas Messerli AG providing them with ideal working conditions and an inspiring work environment. This not only benefits ZAAK but means that Messerli effectively has its own R&D team on site. There is still lots of potential for attracting the public’s attention at trade fairs with the aid of unconventional and eye-catching ideas like the media installations by ZAAK.

In addition to interactive elements for exhibition stands, ZAAK is also pursuing a vision for printing entire stands on site in exhibition halls. And with ZAAK’s track record, it might not be long before the idea is put into practice.


This article was first published in Brandworld 2014.