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Doppelleu Boxer

A beer lovers’ paradise

Doppelleu Boxer AG, Igeho 2019, Basel

With production locations in Winterthur and Yverdon-les-Bains, Doppelleu Boxer AG has grown impressively in just a few years and is currently one of the most innovative breweries in Switzerland. For their appearance at the restaurant industry trade fair Igeho 2019, Messerli created a fascinating concept that allowed visitors to experience the world of brewing with all their senses.

To achieve this, the Messerli design team developed a modular trade fair concept that embodied the brewery’s high quality and design standards while at the same time highlighting the strong individual personalities of its successful beer brands. This includes the brands “Chopfab”, “Boxer”, “Doppelleu” and “1er cru” as well as “” wines and “Essence” spirits. The exhibition concept debuted in summer 2018 as a pop-up bar in the Airside Center at Zurich Airport. For the brewery’s appearance at Igeho, Messerli’s design team was able to draw on the existing foundations of the pop-up stand and further develop that concept.

And so, as the visitor approached the booth, they were immediately greeted by an eye-catching, faithful recreation of a brew kettle. This seven-metre-high eye-catcher was able to attract attention from far off, while successfully presenting the importance that the company places on the art of brewing at the same time. Messerli equipped the four manholes in the kettle with screens that played informational videos explaining the manufacturing process at Doppelleu Boxer AG in fascinating detail.

At various exhibition displays, visitors could also find out more about the different kinds of beer, wine and spirits in the form of a treasure hunt. Each display impressed visitors with a stylish, informative presentation of the beverage type along with its raw materials. Based on the interesting infographics, such as the depiction of the origins of the raw materials, fascinating storytelling and carefully curated product presentations, the booth made the history and character of the young company and its products tangible to visitors. But it was more than just a feast for the eyes: visitors had the opportunity to smell and touch the raw materials at every display. The use of natural, authentic materials in and around the booth further emphasised the brand’s high-quality, sustainable positioning. All of the information was presented in two languages in honour of the company’s two locations and corresponding sales regions.

Last, but certainly not least, visitors to the booth had the chance to taste and discover two different beer and wine varieties by the glass or by the bottle and to try out a new spirit in the attractive bar area. The stylish surroundings offered visitors the opportunity to have lively, enjoyable discussions and chat to one another about their passion for brewing and drinking beer.

Over the five days of the trade fair, Doppelleu Boxer was able to reach many delighted connoisseurs and also attract new customers, thereby increasing the name recognition of their brand and their wide range of products. With this successful trade fair appearance, Messerli was able to effectively visualise Doppelleu Boxer’s passion for brewing and unique artistry and communicate it to the respective target groups.

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