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A successful tailored solution

Pamasol Willi Mäder AG, Interpack 2014 , Düsseldorf, Design by Hotz Brand Consultants

Pamasol is a leading supplier of customised aerosol solutions. It also wanted to convey this message through its new stand at Interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf.

As experts in custom-designed exhibition stands, we were more than happy to step up to this task. In close collaboration with the leading agency, Hotz Brand Consultants, and the managers from Pamasol, we brought Pamasol’s new integrated communication concept into the third dimension.

A clear focus on the brand and services of Pamasol was a central element of the stand concept. While the machines took a back seat, the spotlight was instead on Pamasol’s core competences, which were presented on five podiums in various ways. The globe showing the machine sites with fibre-optic light and the revolving cylinder, which allowed a 360 degree view of the production process, were particularly eye-catching.

Specially designed lounge tables and wall hangings made of coloured fabric reflected the corporate design, while the new logo also featured highly thanks to its inclusion on a back-lit pillar and the stand counter.

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Daniel Wyss, Sales Manager, Member of the Management Board
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