Say goodbye to isolated actions

“Content is king” is the daily mantra for brand managers in the digital age. However, keeping a content household in order is resource-intensive. The time is ripe for a minor revolution to put an end to isolated actions.

By Mirjam Dietrich

Good content costs. It demands ideas, takes time and requires money. Costs for moving images and programming are often underestimated. Brand managers must justify these investments using the standard benchmarks such as saturation and social media likes. High-quality content, however, lasts longer than such short-term benchmarks. A long-term perspective is worth considering, such as how to multiplying placed content and to prolong its effectiveness.

Want to be part of it? Sure!

Digital activation promotions like the Virtual Promoter by Ameria, which can be rented exclusively from Messerli, make excellent eye catchers at trade fairs and events. They are also a value supplement to sales spaces or showrooms. Contents should be considered in terms of their application in various situations.

Real or digital? We want both!

CKW’s Smart Energy Wall is a real visitor magnet at exhibitions. With interactive projection mapping it sheds light on the future of energy. The charming animations are also available online, going beyond 3D into the digital world.

Opening hours? Not here.

It’s all over when the exhibition ends. But must that really be so? Content specifically prepared for an event can often remain relevant once it is over, ready for re-use, such as for a virtual tour of the exhibition stand, touching on the main topics. Users today determine for themselves the channel through which they prefer to interact with your company. This makes it all the more important to provide a consistent experience. We take this into account with our digital concepts, helping customers to develop integrated concepts.