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Hybrid event styled as a late-night show

WEMF AG für Werbemedienforschung, 2021 Media Research Day, Zurich

The Swiss Media Research Day was staged as a hybrid event in 2021: live at the venue – the JED business hub in Schlieren – and digitally via live streaming. Hosted by Patti Basler, this industry event focused on the topic of «Decision making». It also opened up insights into the latest WEMF publications and product innovations.

We took on the lead management role in staging this thrilling event together with our partner Live Lab AG, a member of the Messerli Group. We styled the event as a late-night show to ensure excellent entertainment, not only for the audience in the hall but also for people joining in front of their screens at home. Patti Basler hosted the show with plenty of humour throughout the evening. Various contributions gave the audience insights into WEFM’s latest publications and product innovations that provide media and advertising professionals with a reliable basis for their decisions. To lighten up the programme, there were also keynote presentations that took a humorous look at decision making.

The content concept for the show was developed by Live Lab. Messerli implemented the web event platform so guests could participate on their screens at home; we supported the client with designing and planning the hybrid programme and also with invitation management. For the live event, we created the furniture concept and signage to harmonise with the stage set. And for the technology and live streaming, we knew we could count on the professionals at Winkler Livecom.

Around 350 guests took part in the event: about one-third of them at the venue and the rest via live streaming. The recording of the event is still available online, so it is continuing to reach anyone interested who missed the live broadcast.

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Linda Schopper Senior Project Manager/Key Account Manager

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