Pure nostalgia for the holidays

We recently made a surprising discovery: nearly 40 years old and weighing at least 15 kilogrammes, it’s the old company history that we found perfectly preserved in our archives.

Take a look inside! In his Christmas video message, Andreas Messerli shares why the story of Messerli is so fitting for the festive season.


A special gift
just for you!

Had enough of Last Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock? Messerli’s new Winter 2021 playlist offers a different kind of festive music. So: switch it on, cuddle up and relax!

Want a bit more nostalgia?
Our CD box set is here!


For those passionate collectors of our Messerli music compilations, we have a special treat: the collector’s box set with seven CDs from our archive. The CD box sets are only available as a limited edition. If you’re interested, let us know. We’ll be giving away the first 10 boxes, each worth CHF 150!