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Migros Industrie

Multifunctional co-working space

Migros Industrie, MINDspace Buchs

Comprehensive renovations at Migros Industrie’s Buchs location resulted in the creation of a multifunctional co-working space for around 14,000 employees from the group’s 20 companies. MINDspace offers these employees flexible workspaces, breakout zones, modern meeting rooms, and rooms for tastings and product training sessions.

As the general contractor for the interior construction, Messerli utilised a concept from the agency Trade Marketing Intelligence AG TMI and coordinated all of the work carried out by contractors on site. We also helped our client with the necessary building applications and permits. With our affiliates from the Messerli Group – Konform AG, Dr.W.A.Günther Media Rent AG and Fabrikatur AG – as well as our own assembly and logistics teams, we were able to bring to the project the necessary expertise for both the creative decorative and display structures as well as for the highly functional, custom-built furniture such as bar counters and kitchen units.


A functional space for large events

The heart of MINDspace is the expansive panorama hall with its raised stands that offer seating for up to 100 visitors. The hall can be used to host presentations and events. Konform’s modern installations on the ceiling subtly reflect the interconnectedness of M-Industrie’s various divisions while at the same time having a positive impact on the temperature and the acoustics in the space. Another eye-catcher in the hall is the backlit photograph, 16 metres long and 4.4 metres high, of the Gastlosen mountains. This photograph gives the impression of looking out of a floor-to-ceiling picture window. Window openings ensure the two modern, meeting rooms underneath the stands have plenty of natural light.

Barista bar, show kitchen and tasting room

The Café Royal Barista Bar can be used for training and coffee tastings. Bar counters on wheels make it possible to rearrange the furniture flexibly within the space depending on the needs of the particular group. The design of the professional show kitchen is also based on this principle: mobile kitchen units allow for maximum flexibility. In the brightly lit tasting room, a bar with an integrated “tangible table” allows for a wide range of presentation options.

Flexible workspaces and breakout zones

The remainder of MINDspace offers employees eight fully equipped workspaces, different zones for creative work and informal discussions, as well as a coffee lounge. Employees can reserve spaces electronically for themselves or their teams. Digital signage makes the reservation status of every space clearly visible at all times. Product displays are harmoniously integrated into the overall concept. These serve both as room dividers and sources of information. The screens can easily be programmed to show new content so that they can be used for product promotions or to display event information as needed.

With MINDspace, Messerli has created a modern, inspiring working environment for M-Industrie employees that they can use in a wide variety of ways. As a result, the internal co-working space contributes to an open corporate culture and encourages interaction between employees.

Portrait von Daniel Burlet, Senior Project Manager und Key Account Manager bei Messerli

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Daniel Burlet, Senior Project Manager / Key Account Manager

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