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Vaudoise Versicherungen, AMA 2016, Aarau

For Vaudoise Insurance, Messerli aimed to represent the company’s corporate philosophy in spatial terms. The result was a flexible stand concept for its presence at consumer exhibitions throughout Switzerland.

In its current communication, Vaudoise shows people in various life situations, underlining its key message with the slogan “Wherever you are”. The themes of mobility and protection were important cornerstones of the planning phase.

In order to reflect these themes in spatial terms as well, the trade-fair stand was given a green metal facade – inspired by the idea of a freight container –, housing a cosy living situation, which it can take with it wherever it goes. Even featuring a letter box and nest box, it invites visitors to make themselves comfortable and feel right at home. Vaudoise thus establishes a strong connection with its corporate claim.

Providing a full-service package, Messerli implemented the company’s presence at 10 Swiss trade fairs in 2016. For 2017, even more are planned. The modular stand is disassembled after each trade fair, stored and then reassembled for the next exhibition.

With just a few adjustments of decorative elements, the stand can be adapted for trade fairs on a specific theme. At the Swiss-Moto exhibition in Zurich, for example, a sleek motorbike was added to complement the existing scenery.

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Bülent Ünal, Key Account Manager Corporate Solutions

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