Timeless design meets modular technology

Rea Stark Rajcic (l) and Anton Piëch (r) present their Mark Zero.


One name stood out on the new entries list at the Geneva International Motor Show this year: Piëch Automotive. Founders, Anton Piëch and Rea Stark Rajcic, are blazing new trails with their company.

While the name is catchy, it takes more than just a name. Piëch and Stark Rajcic worked meticulously on their sports car before its launch. The calm before the storm ended in February 2019 when it was announced that the first prototype – the Mark Zero – would be presented at the Geneva International Motor Show.

The industry press quickly noticed that there was more to the story than just a famous name. Designed for the future, the brand uncompromisingly stands for timeless design and cutting-edge technology. The vehicle architecture allows hardware and software replacements at any time, enabling it to be powered with electric, combustion or other forms of propulsion. Piëch and his team strove to design a sports wagon they themselves would buy, a modern classic, which can quickly evolve with changes to the market, demand and legislation, without having to replace the entire car.

The Mark Zero shall be ready for the market in three years. To drum up investor interest in the project, the founders decided to launch their brand at the Geneva International Motor Show, an industry heavyweight. It attracted great attention as a Swiss-made car, landed on the cover of the salon magazine and received numerous industry media reports.

The Mark Zero can now be seen at the concept space in Zurich where the public is invited to experience it. Otherwise, fans will have to wait three years until the first Swiss electric sports wagon hits the road.