Langenthal’s new attraction

Jan Dominik Geipel

Text by Karin Ayar

The new curator of Designers’ Saturday is a creative nomad who challenges Switzerland to measure itself against the best in the design world.

Held biannually, Designers’ Saturday has become a fixed star in the national creative’s calendar, yet nevertheless ­remained authentic and modest. Appropriately held in local plants and factories in the field of tension between concept and purpose, it has managed to walk the fine line between its intended purpose and the evolving market by balancing the demands of its own success and its intention to avoid ­becoming a trade fair-like product exhibition. The next chapter will be written by Jan Dominik Geipel, an award-winning veteran from some of the world’s design hotspots. Never willing to rest on his laurels, he is a perfect match to Designers’ ­Saturday. Both share a passion and dedication to meeting the challenges of today with practical answers and solutions that are both innovative.

Time for rethinking and a new approach

The guest list at this year’s Designers’ Saturday is a clear case in point. A platform has been created upon which ­Switzerland can measure itself against the world’s best ­designers. Under the motto: improve, share, connect, the event unmistakably promotes extraordinary performance and concise discussion. The spotlight is on exclusively independent projects, which are accompanied from concept to execution. A planned road trip with the «best of» Designer’s Saturday shall truly get Swiss design rolling.