A constant change of roles

The versatile team from Furrer Events is at home everywhere from large general meetings and product launches to folk festivals, corporate events, anniversaries and smaller occasions. Each member takes on a wide variety of tasks to create unique, unforgettable experiences.

Das fünfköpfige Team von Furrer Events

The team consists of six motivated, flexible professional event organisers. Empathy and customer proximity are key. We understand our customers and see things from their perspective. We open our senses wide and take in all the details we are given. We use this information to work out the requirements, then draw up analyses and clusters that we transform into successful, creative event concepts. Each team member constantly moves from one role to another, be it gathering or analysing information or creating events.

And once the ideas start flowing and we come up with a great concept, that’s when the real roleplay begins and we step into the shoes of a security guard, culinary expert or building site manager. Our event managers are not just experts in live communication. They offer advice in all areas and are constantly receptive to customers’ concerns.

During the pandemic in particular, we saw the importance of remaining agile, open and sensitive. It is our responsibility to be attentive to customers and to design events that people will feel comfortable attending. Be it digital, hybrid or live, an event is all about being together, exchanging ideas and making new memories to take home. Events connect us and create the basis for long-term customer relationships.