Messerli’s new image: from trade fairs to Live Experience

Messerli moves

New strategic focus, new positioning, new structure of the range, new appearance: in the last twelve months, Messerli has been working with the Zurich branding agency SNK to develop the foundations for future successes.

Messerli moves with Live Experiences people and brands – at trade fairs and events, in offices, showrooms and canteens, outdoors, on the move and digitally. Messerli developed this forward-looking self-image in a strategic process with the Zurich branding agency SNK.

New focus, expanded range

The sharper positioning can be experienced emotionally thanks to the modern, completely redesigned image that communicates the shift from trade fair construction to Live Experience to all target groups in an emotional way. The message: Messerli is ready for the future and offers complete services in the areas of exhibits, events, brand spaces and digital experience from a single source. The range is rounded off with professional corporate services and various services on demand.

Israel Moreno, Creative Director SNK

«An identity has to work even in the smallest space.»

Clear, emotional appearance

The centre of the new appearance developed by SNK is the website, which really gets to the heart of the new structure of the range and the core competency at Messerli: “Live Experience!” The layout, imagery, typography and tone of voice all come together to guarantee Messerli a dynamic, emotional presence across all media  and channels.

Three questions for
Armin Niederberger

Partner and owner of SNK

What was the most exciting aspect of the Messerli rebranding project for you?

What excites us every time with each rebranding project is that we support corporate change processes with the brand and are able to make them visible. With Messerli, we have sharpened up the brand image and redesigned strategic considerations at the same time. This gave us a solid basis on which to tailor every element of the new appearance to the strategic positioning more precisely. The brand is thus actively contributing to the successful future of the company.

What does the design contribute?

Good design ensures the congruence of content and form – the brand is presented at all times as one unit, authentic and understandable. In the development of a redesign, one question arises: evolution or revolution? Which elements of a brand image should be kept and what is no longer contemporary and should be thrown overboard?

With Messerli, we have radically simplified the logo and make the overall image fit for digital applications. The individual design elements have been kept as simple and as eye-catching as possible. Their interplay is flexible. The aim was also to keep existing clients and gain new target groups. The joinery firm in the agglomeration wants to find Messerli in exactly the same way as the large international client with complex logistical and conceptional challenges.

Armin Niederberger, Partner and owner of SNK

«We want to support corporate change processes with the brand and make them visible.»

How is the rebranding becoming a factor in your success?

A rebranding process has to be understandable and attractive to interest groups and has to work across all media. Messerli didn’t just need a new image because the existing appearance was getting old, it was also because it didn’t work perfectly for digital channels. Today at Messerli, the Live Experience becomes tangible  – in the imagery and language.

The staff are also crucial in any rebranding process. When they understand and reinforce the personality and promises of the brand, when they are proud of “their” brand and how it looks, they define the brand as its ambassadors and thus contribute to the success of the company.

About SNK Identities

SNK Identities AG is a leading Swiss branding agency. Founded in Basel in 2000, the agency is now located at  Marktgasse 12 in the centre of Zurich. SNK employs around 25 specialists working in the fields of strategy, design and communication. Along with Messerli, its clients include companies operating at national, international and global level such as UBS, Baloise, Bauwerk Parkett, muba, Bell Food Group, Betty Bossi, Feller, Eniwa, ORB Media, PHZH, Pro Infirmis, ZHdK and the Erich Meier winery.

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