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A meet-up for foodies

Transgourmet Schweiz AG, Igeho 2019, Basel

Igeho, which is held every two years in Basel, is the most important Swiss trade fair for hotels, restaurants, take-away and care. Transgourmet Switzerland AG, the leading company in the Swiss cash-and-carry and wholesale supplies sector, attended the trade fair from 16 to 20 November with a booth that covered 450 m2.

With 31 cash-and-carry markets across Switzerland and more than 25,000 produce, food, non-food and beverage products, Transgourmet Switzerland AG is a major player in the wholesale industry. The company wanted to use their booth at Igeho to demonstrate their expertise and present selected highlights from their product range.

When it comes to booths of this size, special attention must be paid when creating the various zones to keep visitors from getting lost. For this reason, the Messerli designers chose to enclose the space in a large structure that visually separated the booth from its surroundings and turned the company’s logo into a dominant external design element. The inside of the structure, on the other hand, was printed with employee testimonials from various stores in playful, colourful type. The visually appealing portraits spoke to the booth’s visitors and gave off a likeable, humorous impression. The colourful suspended cubes and the corresponding floor layout provided a visual structure to the various presentation zones and lent the booth a high-contrast, brightly coloured appearance.

Visitors’ attention was grabbed in particular by the booth’s three tasting areas, which offered a variety of culinary delights. The exhibition focussed on two product concepts: «Transgourmet Cook» and «Transgourmet Origine». With «Transgourmet Cook», the company is targeting top chefs and offering premium products for haute cuisine. Trade fair attendees were extremely impressed by the high quality and sustainability of these top products during the live cooking and tasting demonstrations. The «Transgourmet Origine» product line represents sustainable enjoyment and selected products that are sourced locally and always have a story to tell. The tasting crew used their opportunity to chat with the visitors to tell them about these unique stories and provide them with background information on the products. Naturally, the company’s wine expertise was also put to good use: an extensive tasting of a selection of wines from Transgourmet Switzerland AG’s three wine companies – Weinkeller Riegger AG, Casa del Vino and Zanini Vinattieri SA – was the perfect way to round off the event and offered a memorable treat for the wine connoisseurs in attendance.

The many visitors to the booth found plenty of room for interesting discussions at the spacious bar and the specially designed, oversized high-top tables. Even Gastronovi GmbH, a subsidiary of Transgourmet Switzerland AG that develops and sells cloud-based software solutions for the restaurant industry, had its own conference corner where they could discuss the processes and added value of their systems.

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Markus Leuzinger, Senior Project Manager / Key Account Manager

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