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ETH Entrepreneur Club, InCube Challenge 2019, Zurich

At the end of September, three glass cubes in the heart of Zurich attracted a great deal of attention. The reason? The InCube Challenge 2019 was held at three different locations. Messerli installed these temporary event containers for the ETH Entrepreneur Club. For four days, these cubes served as lodging for the students involved.

The ETH Entrepreneur Club organises the InCube Challenge every year. At this event, the club brings together students and offers them the chance to put their skills and teamwork to the test. Participants spend four days in glass cubes with one objective in mind: to determine and analyse an issue facing our society and to find a solution. Then they need to create a prototype for their solution that can be further developed. This experience is intended to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and offer students the confidence to develop new ideas.

The nearly 2.5-metre-high event containers were installed in Zurich at Maagplatz, Europaallee, and Schiffbauplatz. These central locations offered the students countless opportunities to interact with potential clients. To help them take on this challenge, Messerli provided the students with a dynamic working environment and decorated the exterior of the cubes with attractive graphics. To make this experience as comfortable as possible, Messerli equipped the cubes with heating and cooling systems.

In addition to providing a great deal of natural light, the transparent environment also allowed the public to see the innovations as they emerged. Passers-by and interested onlookers could follow every stage of the development, and in some cases even get involved.

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Bülent Ünal, Key Account Manager Corporate Solutions

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