Life is Live (Lab): Meet our sister company with unique ideas for events!

Their events are like today’s campfires around which people meet to exchange essential information. Live Lab reaches into its bag of digital tricks to provide the magic spark.

Text by Karin Ayar

Some things never change, such as the human trait that to motivate people to do something, they must first be in the mood. Maximilian Souchay, Partner and Creative Director at Live Lab, bases every assignment placed with his event agency on this basic truth. Live Lab’s success in a hard-fought market proves the effectiveness of this approach. While events used to be about conveying a message to guests as long-lastingly as possible, before such messages can be absorbed, an environment must be created in which guests feel comfortable and have their basic needs met. People who are hungry or cold are too busy to be open even to the most fantastic staging. Event culture has hardly changed in this regard over the years, nor has the pack behaviour of humans. Paradoxically, the more virtual our lives become, the greater becomes our yearning for a real sense of community, hence, increasing the effectivity of live events.

Big fish and digital fish

Maximilian Souchay knows to use a digital flair to impress even the most event-spoiled elites. At a peripheral event at the WEF, a giant whale and other sea creatures circled a dome above guests’ heads, on behalf of Tata Consultancy Services, thus literally bathing guests in the desired message. Digitalization is neither the demon of anonymisation not the Holy Grail of live communications. Live Lab uses it appropriately as an excitement-building tool while implementing their event concepts, in tandem with the equally important upstream and downstream communications. The agency’s conceptual talents enable them to convey targeted messages with heavenly staged productions. As part of the Messerli Group, Live Lab relies on the seamless quality level of the entire value creation chain. It goes without saying that this includes a comfortable temperature level at the event, which brings us back to the campfire.