Digital Experience to touch: Messerli at the SuisseEMEX’18

Messerli presented itself at the SuisseEMEX’18 with its new brand identity for the first time at a trade fair – proving that Digital Experience and Live Experience go hand in hand.

With the appearance at the SuisseEMEX trade fair, Messerli succeeded in giving the new field of Digital Experience a face. The aim of the appearance was to convey the attitude and spirit of Messerli. To do this, Messerli developed and implemented the entire stand concept in house. Derived from the motto “Moving people and brands”, the theme of “movement” skilfully snaked its way through the whole stand.

Moved to join in

The highlight of the presentation was the interactive touch wall made of glass. It invited guests to find out about the world of Messerli in a playful way and put their own energy into it. Hence, as the mood took them, visitors were able to trigger various animations, projected from behind by a high-performance beamer onto a glass wall. The Digital Experience to touch captivated visitors and also gave the stand team a valuable presentation tool.

Portrait von Juri Camagni, CMO und Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung von Messerli
Juri Camagni Chief Marketing Officer, Andreas Messerli AG

«With the interactive touch wall, we presented an activation tool that can be adapted to exhibitors’ needs. It appealed to a huge number of visitors.»

Subtly animated

With the stand, Messerli also proved that moving presentations can be implemented with rented material. The rear wall of the stand actually consisted of Messerli’s new rental system Aluvision. In this wall frame system, we installed our new modular LED walls, Aluvision, that we also offer as a rental option. In order to create a harmonious overall image, we stretched material over the entire back wall. The delicate animations fitted into the overall image perfectly and created subtile movement on the stand.

Moving people (and brands).

Our stand motivated many visitors to get in contact with us. Via the new lead registration app GOANA, we were able to register over 250 contact partners – a great success for the team on the stand. On both days, Messerli and the SuisseEMEX invited visitors to impulse presentations on the subject of Live Experience and Digital Experience at the stand, which met with a huge amount of interest among guests. Messerli was thus able to underline its competencies and demonstrate how brands can make progress. Our moving barstools were equally well used, which put a smile on the faces and a swivel in the hips of some visitors to the stand.