Fabrikatur – Wooden specialists

Whenever high-quality carpentry and manufacturing work is required, that’s when the professionals at Fabrikatur AG come into play. The Messerli Group’s carpentry business has proved its expertise over the past few decades.

With products ranging from automated manufacturing systems to customised production solutions, the company has the answers to satisfy the most versatile requirements of the event and interior design industry. Its strong commitment to quality, technology and sustainability sets it apart from its competitors and makes even the most complex projects a success.

The carpentry workshop in Wetzikon in the canton of Zurich focuses not only on increasing efficiency with pioneering production technologies, but above all on doing so in an ecologically sustainable manner. As well as opting for environmentally friendly materials and implementing recycling solutions, this also includes using wood residues to heat production and office spaces.

The team consists of 15 employees, including many long-time carpentry professionals with comprehensive experience.

They strive to understand the individual needs of each client and to offer tailor-made solutions. These professionals are now passing on their extensive knowledge to the younger generation by training apprentices as carpenters with a federal diploma. The company values include innovative strength, a commitment to top quality and social responsibility.

This attitude is not only evident in its products, but also in its dedicated customer service. Teamwork, open communication and the promotion of creative thinking are important elements that drive the company. With its sustainable corporate philosophy, Fabrikatur AG is undoubtedly a valued and reliable partner.