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USTER Technologies

Innovative exhibition presence

Uster Technologies AG, ITMA 2023, Milan

USTER Technologies is a leading business in the textile machinery sector which specialises in monitoring and optimising the quality of textile production. Its highly specialised equipment, systems, solutions and services are used to monitor the quality of raw materials and products throughout the manufacturing process. Together with Messerli, the company succeeded in presenting its products and services in an innovative way at ITMA 2023 in Milan.

At the leading ITMA exhibition in Milan, the company presented its integrated approach to quality management in textile production. Via joint design work with Messerli, the company presented the interaction of their products in an innovative presence at two exhibition stands. The world of USTER was conveyed and experienced digitally and physically at various touchpoints; the open stand design and the inviting bistro ensured that visitors enjoyed a unique experience.

360Q - think next level quality

The central information and demonstration platform beneath the LED arch feature proved to be the centrepiece and a focal attraction of the exhibition stand. This visionary feature was used to advertise USTER’s new 360Q service, and the USTER Quality Expert. With the design of this zone, Messerli created a central point of interest for the sales personnel and visitors to the stand.

Sivakumar Narayanan
Executive Vice President - Product Management,
Marketing & Business Development
USTER Technologies AG

«Messerli succeeded in taking our exhibition stand to a new level with a balanced combination of digital and physical components.»

Interaction of digital and physical components

USTER is increasingly incorporating digital components to emphasise the potential of its products.Among other things, Messerli created the RSO3D and Quantum 4.0 showcase for this purpose, which highlighted the interaction between the two USTER products. Physical and digital components blended into a complete image through animation using two clear screens and the exhibits behind them. The advantages of communication between Quantum 4.0 and RSO3D during the spinning and rinsing process were highlighted by the animations. Quality management is ensured through the early detection and elimination of errors.

Experience the power of artificial intelligence

In the “fabric inspection game”, visitors were tasked with examining the textile fabric for discrepancies, such as holes, seams, knots and stains. Their selection was checked by activating artificial intelligence. This game gave an impressive demonstration of the efficiency and reliability of AI-controlled software in the quality assurance of textiles.

Enhanced touchpoints as a result of visitor activations

Visitors to ITMA were able to interact with the content in the USTER world at other different stations. An interactive light installation showed how USTER products fit into the recycling loop. Visitors were given a voice through the recycled materials survey and were able to say which future developments were desirable. This and other touchpoints offered valuable presentation opportunities to convey information in a variety of ways to those visiting the stand.

Next level area

USTER Technologies blazed an innovative trail with the development of the modern exhibition concept in collaboration with Messerli.Visitors welcomed the concept enthusiastically and there were large crowds wanting to experience USTER’s innovations live. At the forefront was connectivity between state-of-the-art hardware, data-controlled software and textile expertise to optimise textile production quality management. This was reflected in the various levels of the exhibition stand and could be grasped digitally and by analogue methods as a result of the unique presentations. The joint design and development work by USTER Technologies and Messerli succeeded in creating a memorable appearance with a visionary impact.

USTER has not only positioned itself as a market leader, but also as a leader in innovation, with its rejuvenated image by Messerli. The high-quality, contemporary furnishings and materials in the bistro area and meeting rooms enhanced the impression even further.
And the Quality Management Experience will remain an effective tool for USTER even after the exhibition. Messerli has designed the experience in such a way that, thanks to an iPad application, it can be repeated and used in presentations and sales meetings at any time, away from the exhibition stand.

Portrait von Linda Schopper, Head Digital Experience bei Messerli

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Linda Schopper
Head Digital Experience /Key Account Manager

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