Messerli conveys sustainability concept in a fun way

By attaining the EXPO EVENT Swiss LiveCom Association ISO 20121 sustainability certificate in March 2023, Messerli was faced with the conundrum of how to convey this major milestone and cultural change on a level appropriate for the whole company. At the same time, it was also a question of motivating employees and specifically highlighting the respective areas for action for a sustainable business.

An event that lingers in the memory

When thinking up the concept, it was apparent to Messerli’s event team that this team event had to fulfil many criteria: an unforgettable experience to look back on, which also clearly conveyed specific content as well as creating a convivial and distinguished context to celebrate achieving the certificate.

To achieve these goals, Messerli decided to put across the key information relating to the sustainability concept in a fun way, in digital format. The Digital Experience Team developed a quiz application that every employee could download specifically for this. The event started with a brief address by Chairman of the Board, Andreas Messerli. Employees learned of the salient points of VISION 2035, which in the long term should lead the business to climate neutral status.

Conveying knowledge in a fun way

The various groups of employees then had to answer a number of questions digitally at 11 stations as part of an in-house interactive scavenger hunt. After around an hour of solving quiz questions, every employee had attained the same amount of knowledge.

Bringing the day to an end

Visibly tired and with mentally exhausted, but with a smile on their faces, the newly trained sustainability experts moved on to the nearby Juckerhof, overlooking Lake Pfäffikon, for the sociable part of the day. The summer evening, which was spent surrounded by nature, provided a memorable setting in which to review what they had learned and the setting of objectives over a delicious evening meal.

The competition winners were also chosen of course; it was not just one group that came out on top, but the whole workforce were winners that day! This should be taken as a sign that everyone has to cooperate on this important goal in order to make our world a better place. These thoughts were also emphasised by the special memento in the form of a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Sustainable and fair.

Logo Messerli Vision 2035

Our sustainability concept will tell you all about our goals and the measures that we as a company already implement or will adopt to increase sustainability.