Place & Learn
Activate your customers with our new rental solution

With this sophisticated digital activation solution, you can create an unique highlight at your POS. Present your services and products according to the pigeonhole principle to create an experience between digital and analogue that supports your sales personnel. Let your customers actively explore your brand world with a personalised Place & Learn application from our digital rental product range.


Our Place & Learn rental console consists of a console with a touchscreen, sensors and an integrated PC. The removable base offers you maximum mobility. In combination with a second screen, you can create an experience for all visitors.

How Place & Learn works

Place & Learn is a digital signage technology that lets visitors interact with your products or services in a unique way. Users can learn more about your offer from any amount of content in the form of tokens. The tokens are placed in the docking area.
Using RFID technology, the sensors detect the position and type of offer and show relevant information on this topic on the integrated screen. This touchscreen allows for more in-depth interaction with your content. A second screen provides even greater appeal, drawing in curious passers-by.

What advantages does Place & Learn offer you?

  • With our Place & Learn console, you can appeal to your customers’ heads, hands and hearts.
  • It serves as an ice breaker for conversations between sales personnel and the customer.
  • It offers your sales staff a tool that they can use to present your products in an exciting way.
  • You can present an extensive product range in a small space. This can be products, services or concepts.
  • You can adapt and reuse your application.
  • You turn your brand world into an experience for visitors, and generate interest and attract attention from far off by using a second screen.

Be creative, tell your story!

Your content presented with Place & Learn

With Place & Learn, you can share content in a variety of formats:

  • Information in text form
  • Information in picture form
  • Information in video form

We offer you a template for you to structure your content. You are free to present any topics and highlight whichever aspects you like. For example, you can introduce customers to your product line and demonstrate the advantages you offer, or you can use the Place & Learn console to present your services or apprenticeships.

We will be happy to help you conceptualise and design your Place & Learn story!

Messerli presents a sustainability concept with Place & Learn

Get to know Place & Learn through one of our own applications. As part of our VISION 2035 sustainability concept, we use Place & Learn to explain various topics such as the circular economy. This means that with the circular economy token, you can call up general information, our measures and our goals in different parts of the docking area.

Your personal branding

You can personalise and design the following elements for your own custom Place & Learn experience.

  • Inlay
  • Number of token
  • Graphics on console and token
  • Shadow gap
  • Story
  • Layout Screen-Content
  • Console with or without stand

We will be happy to help you develop a creative concept for your story.

Experience Place & Learn live

You can experience our Place & Learn application live in our Digital Lab in Wetzikon!