Sustainable into the future

Interview with Rolf Schwery

Founder and CEO of acting responsibly

Rolf Schwery, a sustainability expert, is the founder and managing director of acting responsibly, which advises companies all over Europe, mainly in the sports and events industries, on implementing sustainability processes. He discusses sustainability in an interview.

A company needs a clear commitment to sustainability and certification, which can take months, or even years.
Management often has trouble making decisions and dealing with bottom-up processes. Clients, partners, suppliers and federal bodies must be integrated. It’s hard to outline an ambitious, yet realistic target. It’s a learning process, and companies need flexibility to adapt, redefine strategic goals or set new ones.

Rolf Schwery, founder and CEO of acting responsibly

«For successful implementation, you have to talk to people, take them seriously and get them on board.»

Employees are crucial stakeholders. Having loyal, motivated staff is often cited as a key to success. Rolf Schwery guides companies through the process step by step, including Messerli. Former CEO Hugo Keller showed real commitment, right from the start, and was an excellent partner.

Rolf Schwery believes the planet will still be there a long time after us if we take measures, especially in developed countries, so that future generations can continue to live in it. Not to save the planet, but for our own sake. We have reached the boundaries of consumption and destroyed so much, but nature is making us correct our behaviour. Sustainability is not a trend, but a turning point. Rolf is certain that in ten years, sustainability will be part of corporate strategy. Each employee will make decisions according to the environmental, economic and social consequences.