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Climate control and soundproofing with style

KST AG, Swissbau 2020, Basel

«Bringing visions to life – Unique. Stylish. Climate-controlled.» This was the theme that KST AG, market leader in the area of climate systems, chose for their booth at Swissbau 2020. Over the course of five days, entrepreneurs and visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of KST AG and discover how they turn visions into reality.

With their innovative radiant cooling and heating systems, a range of soundproofing solutions, and ventilation components, KST AG guarantees a feeling of comfort and well-being. Their solutions are characterised by a high level of design expertise and a sleek, modern style. That is why, for KST’s booth at Swissbau, Messerli’s designers developed a concept that cleverly combined the different colours, structures and materials of KST’s products and seamlessly integrated them into the booth’s architecture.

Different kinds of soundproofing solutions and climate control systems were effectively presented in the space. From vertical, wooden soundproofing partitions to mobile soundproofing solutions made of PET, from an «acoustic coil» made of flexible wood all the way to a SonoPerf® air distribution vent. The range of installations allowed KST AG to demonstrate the variety of their product range. Most products can be customised in terms of shape, colour and surface. This allows KST AG to tailor every product to the style preferences and technical requirements of their customers.

The booth’s main eye-catcher was definitely the complex suspended ceiling system for radiant heating and cooling. With its seamlessly integrated lighting strips, the ceiling exhibit grabbed the attention of trade fair visitors from a distance. This unique installation visually represented an actual object currently under construction. This structural work, together with KST’s innovative strength, allowed them to unveil a world first: using virtual reality together with air flow simulations within the booth, visitors to the booth could put on virtual reality headsets to learn more about the interior construction of the structure and visually experience the changes in the air flow. An infrared camera was used to visualise the transfer of heat between various heat sources, e.g. printers, monitors, people, and the radiant cooling coming from the ceiling. Visitors were also impressed by a demonstration that made the invisible air intake in the soundproof spray plaster ceiling visible using smoke.

In order for KST’s employees to have a place to chat with and advise the booth’s many visitors, Messerli designed a spacious bar area that was the site of many lively discussions and where delicious pasta dishes were served. The booth attracted large numbers of visitors, which in turn resulted in a number of interesting and promising contacts for KST AG.

Portrait von Gregor Buergisser, Senior Project Manager bei Messerli

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Gregor Bürgisser, Senior Project Manager

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