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A stylish, minimalist concept for clean air

Unifil AG Filtertechnik, Swissbau 2020, Basel

Lower energy costs and clean, pollution-free air: with its filter technology, Unifil AG has made and kept this promise for more than 40 years. And for their booth at Swissbau 2020, the leading filter manufacturer wanted to make this message crystal clear to customers and visitors.

Unifil chose to go with an updated version of their existing trade fair booth concept, which was developed by Messerli in 2016, by adding new components. The central theme of this year’s booth was not to present the entire range of filters in a traditional way, but rather to use individual product highlights to tell a story and showcase them in a unique, modern exhibition space.

Messerli developed a modular exhibition concept for this purpose that was curated and enhanced by Konform AG. Messerli then worked together with the client on the content and staging. Interlocking aluminium bars were connected to form cubes, which served as optimal projection surfaces for creative presentations on Unifil filters. Customers had the chance to learn more about the histories of the different filters, which were told through the various product characteristics, fun facts from the company’s past, and carefully arranged details and objects on four different displays. The voyage of discovery through the booth was coupled with a contest that visitors particularly enjoyed.

Moreover, a shopping cart stacked high with boxes was positioned in the middle of the bistro, drawing visitors’ attention to the new online shop. The stacked boxes were printed with the advantages of shopping online with Unifil, and customers were able to use tablets with live access to Unifil’s website to explore the online shop and register. Naturally, Unifil’s sales staff were on hand to help. The launch of the online shop was then celebrated with fine food and drinks in the relaxed bistro area.

The concept, which retained its natural feel, provided the perfect backdrop for Unifil’s booth at Swissbau. The artificial grass carpet, the sleek wooden structures and a stretched fabric screen around the top of the booth created an airy, eco-friendly atmosphere. The oversized green pinwheels served as fresh, captivating eye-catchers that were clearly visible from afar.

The close cooperation between Messerli, Konform and Unifil was extremely rewarding. It resulted in a successful trade fair appearance during which Unifil was able to make a large number of contacts and impart its message in a lasting way.

Portrait von Juri Camagni, CMO und Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung von Messerli

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Juri Camagni, Chief Marketing Officer, Member of the Board

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