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IWB Industrielle Werke Basel, Swissbau 2020, Basel

The future of energy is already underway in Basel. And it is being shaped by IWB, the service provider for energy and energy efficiency for Basel and Switzerland. With their solar energy, thermal energy and e-mobility services and products, they demonstrated at Swissbau 2020 that the energy revolution has already become part of everyday life.

For the Messerli designers, it was clear that the traditional shape of a house with a gable roof would play a key role in the implementation of the concept for IWB’s trade fair booth. The result: house-shaped structures with sloping roofs equipped with screens to provide visitors with information on IWB’s various services and offers. Furthermore, the booth was fitted with a replica of a basement where visitors could learn more about IWB’s comprehensive package for sustainable heat supply. Or they could pop into the stylised garage to explore and try out attractive e-mobility solutions for charging electric vehicles.

All of these elements were arranged around the booth’s key element: a wooden house that was constructed in the centre of the space. The most important products and services were presented here on an LED wall. At the same time, a display on the exterior of the house gave visitors the opportunity to discover intelligent solutions for the production, storage and utilisation of solar energy. Special attention was given to encouraging dialogue and conversations with customers: in a specially designated area, visitors had the chance to talk with IWB employees about new ideas, which were then posted on a pinboard. In line with the theme «Help us shape the future of energy», the booth played host to countless conversations and provided a space to develop new ideas and suggestions.

Suspended blue cubes provided an additional element to visually tie together the exhibition concept. In addition to sporting IWB’s logo, the cubes also served to orient visitors and label the various boxes. This cross-linkage was further reinforced by the printed graphics on the floor. The trade fair booth, which was implemented by Messerli, effectively showcased the energy provider and attracted large numbers of visitors. Messerli was able to present IWB’s solutions and core competencies in a creative way. As a result, IWB enjoyed a very successful appearance at Swissbau 2020, where they were able to make a number of new contacts.

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Daniel Born, Senior Project Manager / Key Account Manager

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