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FIFA World Football Museum

An interactive journey of discovery at the FIFA Museum

FIFA World Football Museum, special exhibition 2019, Zurich

In honour of the Women’s World Cup, the FIFA World Football Museum invited visitors to take a journey through the history of women’s football. The special exhibition was created under the direction of angelini design and other Messerli Group partners.

From 7 June to 28 July 2019, visitors were able to visit the “Heroes: Centuries of Women’s Football” special exhibition and go on an interactive journey of discovery for free. Instead of lengthy text passages or flickering screens, the various stations appealed to all of the visitors’ senses and encouraged them to participate and explore.

For example, a sound installation that used sensors to detect when visitors approached allowed them to listen rather than reading. Open books encouraged visitors to leaf through them as projection mapping was used to show changing content on the otherwise empty pages. One particular highlight were the illuminated busts with the jerseys of the World Cup teams that depicted the teams still in the running to win the cup throughout the duration of the exhibition.

The concept and design of the entire special exhibition were created in cooperation with angelini design and Messerli. Carlo Angelini and his team went one step further, however, and also helped FIFA to curate all the content for the exhibition and provided all the media content. Konform was responsible for the construction of the individual exhibition elements.

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Carlo Angelini, Creative Director

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