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SORBA EDV AG, Swissbau 2020, Basel

For more than 30 years, SORBA EDV AG has developed software solutions for the primary and secondary construction industries. Attending trade fairs and exhibitions serves as a vital sales channel for the St. Gallen-based company. For this reason, their expectations for their latest trade fair booth were extremely high.

With their latest trade fair concept at Swissbau 2020, SORBA wanted not only to appeal to existing customers but, above all, to win over future decision-makers. The challenge was to create a concept that would provide SORBA with access to a younger generation without alienating their existing customer base.

To achieve this goal, the Messerli team created a scalable concept that could be adapted to various areas of the booth as needed. A pavilion-like overhead structure made of transparent glass and translucent fabric created a modern, inviting atmosphere. Upon entering the booth, visitors were greeted by wooden blocks that were fitted with LED screens showing animated clips. This eye-catching element provided visitors with an initial overview of the various industry solutions that SORBA construction software has to offer.

A fresh colour and graphic design concept in combination with subtle wooden accents in the interior of the booth lent it a cosy feel. The countless visitors to the booth as well as the SORBA employees felt extremely at home in the new, creative workspace. With a total area of 150 m2, the booth was also home to a number of opportunities for discovery and new experiences. For example, visitors had the chance to watch a demonstration of the latest features of SORBA software or have a look at the creative decorations on the booth’s various shelves while enjoying a drink. Whether rubber boots, a hard hat, or other equipment, there was something that everyone could identify with, regardless of their respective industry.

Swissbau 2020 was a complete success for SORBA. With the new exhibition concept designed by Messerli, they were able to cement their status as a leading construction software provider and position themselves as a driver of innovation in the industry. This fits in well with their motto: We digitalize Switzerland’s doers.

Portrait von Juri Camagni, CMO und Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung von Messerli

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Juri Camagni, Chief Marketing Officer, Member of the Board

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