Guest management: Messerli goes into partnership with eyevip

Guest management is time-intensive – whether it’s with our own or our client’s events.Guest management is time-intensive. For our relaunch event in June, we made this process easier with eyevip. A successful collaboration that is now becoming a partnership.

eyevip is a type of event management software that supports event supervisors with the organisation before, during and after the event. The web application provides a platform for the guest and the organiser – fun is included in the application. This is because eyevip is simple, intuitive and really chic.

For our event in June, we invited over 1100 guests. Because this is barely manageable with existing tools, we looked around for a solution that simplifies the invitation process and digitises guest management.

Versatile requirements

Our requirement was that our event supervisor would be able to send electronic invitations and easily manage all responses. The emails and landing pages had to be adjusted to our new CI/CD and we wanted to have an overview of the respective registrations and cancellations at all times. After the event, we also wanted to know precisely who was there. We wanted to thank these people promptly for visiting us and send them photos of our wonderful evening. eyevip has all of these requirements covered in a simple web app.

Data protection as an important factor

In the summer of the GDPR directive, eyevip dealt with a further concern for us: guests’ data is stored securely, can only be accessed by us and will never leave Switzerland. That also helped us with the stress-free organisation of the event. For this reason, Andreas Messerli AG has decided to not only employ eyevip immediately for the organisation of our own events, but to also actively offer the application to our clients.

Here you will find more information about the product. We recommend booking a free online demo so that you can see it for yourself.

Three questions for
Nadia Caruzzo

Marketing und Communication Andreas Messerli AG

How did you find working with eyevip?

I didn’t know the software before and didn’t have very much time to get to grips with it. After a short introduction, I was able to use eyevip in a productive way very quickly. It’s really easy to use. I found the tools intuitive and clearly laid out.

How was the feedback from guests?

Completely positive! Guests appreciate the personal contact and the simple registration process. Check-in also ran smoothly for them: all they had to do was give their names. The hostesses just had to tick them off on an iPad and so were able to focus completely on greeting guests.

Where did you make savings?

The guest management process was completed virtually by itself. Managing event guest lists properly is a very laborious process. Time that we simply didn’t have during the intensive rebranding process. With eyevip, I saved valuable hours and so had more time for other event-related tasks.