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Artfully staged shower toilets

LaPreva AG, Swissbau, Basel

In the midst of what is normally a sparkling, brightly lit atmosphere, LaPreva dared to raise the bar with elegant dark colours. In the midst of what is normally a sparkling, brightly lit atmosphere of sanitary systems, Swiss shower-toilet specialist LaPreva dared to raise the bar at Swissbau with elegant dark colours. The experts at LaPreva are known for their dedication and attention to detail, which is why they rely on experience and precision when it comes to their trade fair appearances as well. In close cooperation with the client, Messerli was able to present LaPreva’s products at Swissbau in a stylish, attractive way using a multifunctional trade fair booth.

With a total area of 99 m2, the booth was transformed into a striking shower-toilet oasis and attracted countless potential clients with two separate areas for product demonstrations. The floor’s concrete look lent the booth a flawless aesthetic and, together with the intentionally positioned colour accents, directed visitor focus towards the exhibits on display.

The booth also included a lounge area with plenty of seating, offering space for lively discussions and informal chats. The clever arrangement of the tables in the lounge created the effect of a larger space. On the rear side of the front wall, a large “Wall of Fame” served as an eye-catcher. The collage of different shower-toilet installations sparked in-depth conversations between visitors and specialist experts from LaPreva while at the same time reflecting the exceptional quality and elegance of the Swiss products. Plus, a prize draw provided another opportunity for exciting interactions and allowed potential customers to dive even deeper into the world of LaPreva.

The rented modular wall frames delineated a clear room structure that was transformed into an attractive, spacious brand and product landscape through the use of large-scale printed canvases. The stylish combination of an elegant black background and colourful accents made the shower-toilet pioneer’s booth at Swissbau particularly eye-catching. The intentional use of colour cleverly directed the visitor’s focus to the exhibits, creating the perfect space to present the high-quality products.

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