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Swiss Krono

A variety of forest stories

Swiss Krono AG, Tektónica, Lissabon

SWISS KRONO develops and manufactures wood-based materials for furniture and interior design using wood from Switzerland. The company stands for Swiss quality, local products and Swissness, as well for the sustainable and ecological use of wood as a raw material. At Tektónica in Lisbon, the Swiss company presented its latest designer floors and INTERIORS products. The company’s impressive trade fair booth allowed visitors to experience the product groups live, in person and with all five senses.

Messerli created and implemented a concept that presents SWISS KRONO’s diverse product range in a surprising way. For this unusual trade fair booth, wooden composite boards were layered to create four free-standing rooms that visitors could walk through and experience for themselves. The abstract diagonal lines of the room elements mirrored the branches of trees in the forest – the source of SWISS KRONO’s most important raw material. The presentation of the architecture created an immersive experience for visitors by appealing to the senses: the smell of freshly cut wood and the earthy aroma of live plants along with the sound of birds chirping took visitors on a journey: a journey through a Swiss forest.

The standalone booth in a prominent location literally drew visitors in thanks to its orientation and its arched structure. Once inside the structure, guests were immersed in a fascinating world of wood, Swiss forests, and the creation of wooden composite boards at SWISS KRONO. This journey awakened the visitors’ spirit of discovery and appealed to all five senses. Another noteworthy aspect was how the booth itself seemed to magically attract visitors as an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of the event, and how the opportunity to playfully discover the content of the company’s messaging encouraged visitors to prolong their stay.

The result is a modular, autonomous system that can easily be reused at other exhibitions and trade fairs. The four rooms were designed so that they can be assembled with almost no tools and just 10 threaded rods. Plus, the architecture is self-supporting and features integrated lighting, which means no complex rigging is required. We even considered transport during the production phase: all of the components are designed to be nested inside of one another, which saves space.

The booth concept already made its debut at Interihotel in Madrid. Experience this event for yourself in our video.


This trade fair booth communicated the values, the quality, the place of origin, the topic of Swiss forests and the company’s respect and appreciation for its raw materials. At the same time, it also effectively presented five different product groups. Through exceptional storytelling, we were able to create a sensory experience based on the creation of high-quality and diverse products.

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