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Swiss Indoors

Game, set, match!

When tennis fans flock to the St. Jakobshalle in Basel in autumn, it can only mean one thing: it’s time for Swiss Indoors Basel, one of the world’s most important indoor tennis tournaments. The third-largest indoor tournament of the ATP Tour, Swiss Indoors can look back proudly on a tradition that spans decades.

As a long-standing partner for temporary constructions, Messerli is at the heart of the action and plays a vital role in transforming the halls into a lively tennis universe. Our experts are in the game in many areas of this large-scale event.

Given the size of the St. Jakobshalle, Messerli’s signage concept with illuminated signs and large pylons makes it easy for visitors to orient themselves and find their way around the different areas. With impressive images from previous Swiss Indoors tournaments and the spacious foyer with a variety of partner stands, Messerli serves up the perfect event for 60,000 visitors from the minute they step through the doors. The entrance hall features information on previous champions and attractively displays the winner’s trophy.

There are also plenty of food trucks and bars offering a wide range of food and drinks for all the hungry and thirsty attendees. Messerli provides the food and drink area with the perfect rental furniture, infrastructure and graphics. Plus, in the Leisure Area, there are plenty of pop-up shops for visitors to browse in between matches.

Here once again, our team provided creative solutions including infrastructure and graphics. For the VIP and Media Area, Messerli had a few aces up its sleeve. The Media Centre and Studio Basel are not only stylish and functional, but also attractive places to sit and have a chat. Practicability, organisation and functionality are the key arguments here.

With a spectacular presentation, Swiss Indoors Basel landed the perfect match ball not only on the tennis court, but also in the world of live events – and one that no one will soon forget. Keep your eye on the ball! I will be happy to help you with your next event.

Portrait von Ivan Krivic, Key Account Manager Corporate Solutions bei Messerli

Stay on the ball! I will be happy to support you at your next event.

Ivan Krivic, Key Account Manager Corporate Solutions

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